Time to kill its too high

Hi ,

i think that bring many mmo’s feature to the game it’s a good idea but anyway it’s a survival game .

Now ( in test server ) 2 character with heavy armor/shield that fight against have a combat time too long .

it’s not skill based ( parry , dodge , combo ) it’s more like “who finish first the heal potion?”

edit : in addition to heal the problem is precisely the damage received that is too low

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I feel you but I personally see the issue as being healing itself. I’m looking forward to a mod that prevents healing while in combat in an effective way. Although this whole issue could have been avoided in the first place if healing was a channelled ability that was interrupted on hit.

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It was already suggested to get a drinking animation while you drink a potion and a eating animation while you eat food to balance out this part of combat, just like in rust and ark where there’s healing and eating animation that null fighting animations.

Guess what was the answer?


The good part of me think they are too close to deadline to implement it, but the evil part of me just think they’re too lazy. :stuck_out_tongue: