Timer in wheel of pain

hello, is there a way to have a timer on the wheel of pain to know if we put enough fuel to convert the slaves ?



How about a timer on the thrall cooking, like on each one cooking even if its a rough estimate. 15 min, 1 hr, 1 day, etc.

That wouldn’t be very immersive, since there is no way that a person can tell when someone being tortured will “break”.

But there are informations on it on conan exiles wiki, you can go based by that

Yet we get a line saying about how long which doesn’t break immersion? It’s about how long not exact time like a rough estimate, besides your taskmaster has seen it a million times that archer 2 always breaks about now!


Ok, i can see where you’re coming from. And you’re right.

I’m not sure how different it would be though, to use numbers instead of that time measurement bar… :thinking:

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