Tinker kits, why should I use them?

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Yup just adding to what everyone has said it is a swings and roundabouts deal, for sure with some tools/nodes resource and builds you don’t really need a kit on them but for others where the resource is contested or the tool is very weak but efficient a kit might be in order. Either to increase efficiency or durability.

This is one of the areas of the game I really appreciate as there is no “this is best” option when it comes to tools/weapons/kits there is just a question: What do I want to do? And from there the answer is formed.

This is going to sound odd but give a moment.

This one doesn’t take thralls from Seperemu.
As a general rule, this one only makes prisoners with jobs in self defense. As Seperemu is not a hostile location, the citizens there are off limits for this one. The same as this one’s PvP maxim. Won’t be none if they don’t start none.

As for Fia (temperwright, not Smith, last time this one bonked her, about 3 hours ago)…
This one has no trouble getting Armourers. For whatever reason this one can’t look funny at a Cannibal Camp without two legbiters crawling out of the wood work. The same holds true pretty much everywhere.
This one ran a rather whimsical job fair from the 14 Llor the Accursed that spawn within three days at the same small spot on Siptah.
But this one’s particular luck doesn’t include stabby doom makers.
Meh. In PvE this one can live without
In PvP this one can just steal someone else’s, and then liberate them in the Dagon Dungeon or on the Isle of Unsightly Sirens.

Not that this would ever be anyone else’s problem, but it does impact this one’s cycle and it may be an issue for some others new to the game.

To be certain there are plenty of them.
They just hide from this one.

The lack of this one’s ability to acquire a thrall == the absence or even rarity of that thrall.


I only labor to free a lovely dancer behind Conan. Polished on the Wheel of Friendship, she has an assuredly better wardrobe and diet.

Usually, I opt for the Master Weaponsmith kit that adds Armor Pen and Damage. That is, if I’m not using oils.


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