Tinkertools - AO Helpers

Tinkertools are my own set of utilities to assist with complex aspects of the game we all love. All are browser-based, require no installation, and will always be provided to the community free of charge. I hope you find them useful and helpful!

The landing page for all Tinkertools is at https://ao.tinkeringidiot.com/

Tinkerplants is an updated web-based implant helper for 2022. It allows you to build your implants and see the requirements to build and equip them. It accurately handles normal, JOBE, and Refined implants and clusters, and even provides instructions for QL bumping.

And once you’ve got your implants just how you like them, you can save and download your setup so you can come back to it later!

Please enjoy Tinkerplants at: TinkerPlants

Tinkernukes is an updated web-based Nanotechnician nuke table for 2022. Input your NT’s stats, perks, buffs, etc. and let Tinkernukes help make sense of the sometimes-confusing set of available nukes in a sortable list.

Please enjoy Tinkernukes at: TinkerNukes

Tinkerfite is a new type of weapon table. One of the outstanding difficulties in Anarchy Online is deciding which weapon to use. With over 10,000 weapons available, the “right” choice isn’t always clear…assuming you even know what all the options are. Tinkerfite sets out to help alleviate that problem by suggesting weapons you can use based on your stats and skills, so you’re always making an informed choice.

Please enjoy Tinkerfite at: TinkerFite

Found a bug? Need a feature? Let me know here or on the AO Discord (@TinkeringIdiot)!