Tiny misplaced water texture

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: singleplayer\coop
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: bug\misplaced texture
Server type: [Enter one of the following: singleplayer\coop
Region: none

[Describe the bug here]

at the location shown in the pictures attached to this topic it show the exact location and the bug, its behind the broken tower at the waterfall wall on the left, the water is glitching through the rock wall

i know its not a game breaking bug but as a fan of this game i must inform you on this thing…
hope you will find and fix it.

Heya, sorry about that. The system does this to prevent any potential spammers. I just manually set your user level higher so you should be able to edit your post and put the pictures in there. Thank you very much! With those pics, we can see what’s going on.

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