Tips for newbs by a newb! Before you launch

Congratulations on your purchase! and welcome.

Once you have installed your game. Go into your internet settings for whatever platform you are currently playing and disconnect your System from the internet. Then launch the game (you can update it or not, but for my test run I chose to forego the 48gb update and it runs surprisingly smooth… I’m on Xbox One; In case you are wondering).

Next, create a Co-op/single player-offline game, and then customize the server during the difficulty Selection.

  • set your experience rate
  • Decrease Stamina consumption
  • decrease food spoilage rates
  • increase the Harvesting amounts
  • increase the rate at which harvested materials re-spawn

The purpose for this is to:

  • Get the lay out of the environment and explore freely, (find out which materials can be harvested from what plant or animal and learn where those flora and fauna are most abundant)
  • learn how recipes, perk, and stats work for a better framework and goal for Online PvP/PvE play
  • get a feel for the menus, both the inventory/stats menu, and the Radial Menu accessed by the left bumper (Xbox one) (hint, if a crafted item or food isn’t found in the former; Then, it is probably found in the latter).

Conan lacks a Tutorial. so Take a few hours or days to familiarize yourself before jumping into an online Server with Harder difficulties and higher death rates. It will be a less aggravating and smoother transition.

PS: Don’t mind the intro, its early here. and I wanted to sound… official… an Official newb is much more… prestigious

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Hi, I think you might want to add this to your list: setting durability to 0.0 turns weapons, armors and shields indestructible for those who want that, unfortunately this doesn’t affect tools.
Also, the yellow lotus potion resets your skills and attributes, you can craft them at the firebowl cauldron.

So/So. increasing the harvest yield and spawn rate. sort of makes up for that, as each stone, bush, etc… interacted with will give up 5-9x the yield. I think, as a player, you should be consciously aware that your weapons need to be repaired in many severs; if you plan to play online or make things more difficult at some point later on.

I left it vague on purpose. Yellow lotus pots and builds are mentioned on various streams and topics already. but, its good to mention them here. :slight_smile:
Though I wont mention them myself. Stifles the creativity of a self discovered build/play style.

Having said that. There are a few stats/builds that are PvP oriented; and Stats that are more Roleplaying PvE oriented.
join a server that is suited to your play style. You can put more stats into things like Survival. Instead of vitality and strength; if you want to keep enemies more challenging while making the environment easier to continuously navigate.

Oh I’m aware of the many servers having durability turned on, but I’m also aware that not everyone wants to play anything other then single playe or co-op, or they want to play on a private server with custom settings and they can try to look for one that has durability turned off.
I’ve noticed that some (Or perhaps many) players don’t even know that you can turn durability off if you’re the admin.

In my experience, repairing legendary weapons is a real pain, and there are many people who absolutely hate durability.
I was personally ok with durability until the game made me put a lot more time and effort into repairing broken equipment then I was willing to tolerate, fixing legendary weapons became a real nightmare for me.

Edit: I was afk while typing this and you posted again before I did :stuck_out_tongue:

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