Tips & tricks thread

Thought It would be fun to have a thread where people can share their tips and tricks on how to excel on classes/encounters etc. Might be good for newer players to learn

With this im starting a video serie that goes under the same name, where I go from class to class giving some tips that most veteran players hopefully know already, but might be some people out there that learns something atleast. There’s so many people learning the game in a problematic way in raidfinder, where Ive heard so many wierd theories about things :smiley: Therefor the first “episode” is about myths and misconceptions widely spread in the game.

Episode #002 will cover the use of Power of the serpent ring on ToS, and how you can use it in many encounters to your advantage.


Its cooler that youre the one saying its dead, but at the same time being the most active on forums. Feels abit destructive. :joy: :thinking:


Thanks for posting this video, I am looking forward to more.


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Have fun with useful tips, now get to work to practice them

3 fps videos, my eyes salute you m8

I didn’t record them, still very useful stuff

Please, write an information about the switching of Ctrl-shields on various melee raid bosses T3,5-T6.


It’s useless. Almost always if not always.

i’m sorry but what am I looking at :slight_smile: I don’t see anything “special” going on in aoc trick (3) and CC & combo tricks (except for casting fear during combo?)

Haha, nice. Nice vid.

Pay attention on the cast bar and when the debuff is applied on the target.
And casting a cc while doing a combo is massive help. So there is something special that is limited to several classes only,