Tired Of All The Crying

(I’m gunna get hit with so much salt for this)

I’m tired of hearing people complain about every little problem. Mostly when they talk about the coding. Are you a coder? Do you know how hard it is to make something like this? Put up or shut up. Ether fix it yourself or stop crying about it.

It’s one thing to report a bug. There is a need for that in order to keep the game going. However comments like “It would be easy for them to fix it if they really wanted to” or " It can’t be that hard to add (insert idea here) into the game" are clear signs that you have no right to comment on the state of the game.

I can’t code, I don’t pretend that coding is easy. I do think that man power should go elsewhere however. Personally I think Funcom should focus more on bugs and less on new content. New stuff = greater chance of a new bug on top of existing bugs. I would gladly trade the last two major updates for climbing and target lock to be fixed.

(Now I prepare for the incoming salt)


Strongly Agree!

Strongly Disagree!

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There are bus that have existed from launch that are still here. Hell there is a bug from pre-launch that is still here. The arrow in hand bug is at the point of being a staple of the game.

If your going to quote me at lease do the full sentence.

“However comments like “It would be easy for them to fix it if they really wanted to” or " It can’t be that hard to add (insert idea here) into the game” are clear signs that you have no right to comment on the state of the game."

I’m not denying people having a voice I’m saying that people who say stuff like this need to stop talking.

I am “a coder” as you put it, and I can guarantee you that this is NOT how it works at all. Customers cannot be expected to “fix it themselves or shut up”.


Also agreed.


Your both taking it out of the context of what I’m saying. The point is for people to stop talking like everything is an easy fix and Funcom is just lazy.

I don’t expect people to fix the game themselves.

The difference is subtle but it is there. Even if you can’t see it.

Agreed that people are way too whiny and negative in their feedback, and over-simplify the solutions. Strongly disagree that if you don’t know the effort that goes into it and can’t do it yourself you shouldn’t talk.

The problem is that yes, things can be really difficult to implement and fix. But customers usually don’t care, and realistically shouldn’t be expected to quietly take it when things don’t work long-term. The excuse that ‘it’s hard, you should quietly understand and be ok with it’ isn’t a valid argument. If Volvo released a car and charged money for it, people would reasonably expect certain features. If Volvo said ‘we didn’t put in power steering or ABS because it was too hard’ people would rightfully complain. Probably be unreasonably negative about it. And then someone would come along and tell them to stop complaining because they don’t understand how ABS and power steering works. Customer understanding of a product and the difficulty to implement features is nearly irrelevant once said product is released for sale and the maker takes money for it.

If Funcom (or any of the studios and their broken crap habits) had a disclaimer on the product page that said ‘Buyer Warning: This game has many bugs ranging from very minor to beat your head on the wall annoying, and we realistically won’t fix them in the next 6-12 months’ then you could have an argument. But they don’t do that. So someone who pays them money has every right to be frustrated and annoyed. Maybe not so tantrum-throwing, but every right to complain.


I didn’t say that. I’m essentially “Calling out” a specific group of people on their behavior and telling them to knock it off.

I did also include a personal note of preferring manpower be on bug fixes over content. However that is more of a side note. I think the next big update they plan aught to be a massive bug fix rather then adding more stuff.

its not crying when a game is nearly to broken to play. ive played mmo’s for years and have played star trek online and dc online both huge games that have had their share of problems but the developers actually tryed to fix said problems but this latest update it seems to have made things worse and still the continus crashes and freezes are not ever fixed. if the problem is the admin tools then they need to ether take out all that might be causing said troubles or do something else

If that’s your intent, then I think you need to rephrase it, because that first paragraph detracts from your message.

What this really boils down to is: There’s a difference between criticism and plain negativity.

People have every right to feel upset or disappointed when a game they’ve bought, a game they’d love to love, isn’t behaving properly. As consumers, they have every right to voice this disappointment. That’s how the producer knows they’ve made an imperfect product and can improve.


Insulting the developers, ranting, moaning, whining, threatening to quit and making other sorts of angry white noise isn’t productive. It’s not constructive. It won’t help the developers make their product better. Most likely, it won’t even make the complainer feel better (there are psychological studies that suggest that “venting your anger” can ultimately be harmful and that more controlled anger management methods are better in the long term), and it won’t make the community feel better - negativity breeds negativity.

A calm, rational, constructive manner to express even one’s negative feedback will always have the best results. The recipient of said feedback is more likely to listen, and more likely to sympathize, when they don’t feel personally attacked. And you don’t have to feel guilt or remorse for your childish behavior after you’ve cooled down.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: a game we all can enjoy. Even those ranters and whiners want the same thing. They simply lack the tools to help us all get there. Instead of dismissing them as “whiners” or “crybabies” we can still try to respect them as fellow players and try to find the message from among their white noise, and maybe, with our example, help them find better ways to express their criticism.

Complaining about complaining isn’t the solution.


You did say that. You said exactly that. That is an accurate paraphrase of your first few lines, so if you didn’t mean that, rather than repeatedly accusing others of taking you out of context, write clearer and say what you mean.

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Bad idea to tell people to shut up over the internet. I am going to follow yor “advice”. I will shut up my mouth, fair, and my wallet too,fair.

I disagree with mostly what you said except for.

We keep seeing this unfortunately, i do not know if it’s a engine problem, management or lack of people who are coding.

I am Software Developer/Designer. Most problems here come from strange management decisions and lack of money, which results in lack of coders and testers/qa. Because the designs/graphics are mostly nice.

And I worked for Banks and even the Governement, but what Funcom sometimes does…
Like this faulty patch. They should have just shutdown all server or raid-timers/purges until they fixed it.

The coder does not decide, what has priority or not… or If a bug gets fixed first or sth new added. This are all management decisions.


Your right. I forgot that this is the internet and people will inevitably take everything out of context. I’ll say it nice and clearly.

If you are not part of the specific group I’m referring to then this thread isn’t about you.

If you are part of the specific group I’m talking to then you need to stop. Stop talking like making a game is easy. Stop talking like you know how to code and/or script. Stop ripping into the Dev team when you have no idea what is happening behind the scenes.

I agree. My preference of fixes over new stuff is something I would direct at the people in charge.

If you are a software developer with any level of experience then you know that you cannot remotely even know what is going on. You can have suspicions for sure but you cannot say for sure why things are what they are.

Unless you are in the meeting rooms, no one has any idea. Everyone thinks that they know, and that they think if they were in charge that they’d know whats best, but speaking with almost 30 years of industry experience myself, I can promise you that 99% of anyone that says that is flat wrong and many decisions that you have to make are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


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