Titulo: New faction PVP mode and a real clan system

Sorry for my English because I’m not an American.

Well, I would like to leave two suggestions that could radically change the game’s PVP:

Current problem 01: Many people are being discouraged from being part of a clan, due to the system of clans where everything belongs to everyone.

Solution 01: when entering a clan, the person should choose when to build whether to build for the clan or for herself, when joining the clan the game should ask who would be the owner of bases before or after the clan, the owner person or the clan.

Problem 02: There is no balance in the PVP of the conan with regard to the fighting on the map, as the farm areas are also the same as those of PVP is common with two or three players of a clan, or informal allies, all with the maximum armor and weapons
attack a single player, or it’s not pvp it’s a kill.

Solution 02: Just as there are in games like AION, when creating a character the player should choose between two factions (or even four) which he would like to be part of, this would also apply to players who are already part of the server, after the implementation of system, players would be asked what faction they want to be part of, the game algorithm would perform the balance of numbers, if a player entered faction A the next one would be placed in faction B, it could be implemented on all PVP servers or it could be a new Official PVP mode.

just rertifying problem 01 - the player must have an option to activate the construction mode for himself, or for the clan, once construction begins for a clan in an area, the game should warn as it is today, that that area has an owner in the case of the clan, and the opposite for the clan if it builds for itself.

Could always handle clan property with a “Clan flag” system… (Basically when you join a clan you gain the ability to build the “Clan flag” Attaching the clan flag/banner to your stuff gives it over to the clan and grants the clan access to everything attached to that foundation. (Seems like it would be easier than trying to modify the UI.)

friend the clan is the soul of any PVP game, that’s why the clan system needs to work and today it doesn’t work in conan

Exactly something like that, but today we don’t have that, what we have is a system that creates fear of people being part of a clan because they know they are going to lose everything, or a player can simply sabotage the clan and leave, clans are highly necessary in a game with PVP like that of conan.

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