TNT and Thralls

I may have stated this, or it may have been stated. But officials will never repopulate if a clan on a dead server has stock piled 10’s of thousands of Bombs and hundreds of thralls and pets. Some people have been on the “dead” servers not doing anything bu farming and stock piling. A clan gets on the server in within a week they have bombed them before they even have set up a useful shop. Seige is 1 part resources, and if one comes in to a dead server, and shows any type of build up or skill at the game, they (the dead server runners) show up and will level the base and wipe them, or troll them because they have almost infinite supplies stock piled. To solve this, make any explosive and have thralls have a timer like the pets. Maybe a 12 hour timer on explosive jars (2 minutes if placed, makes the naked bomber technique risky), dragon powder 6 hours (stack is 20, so one stack would be 120 hours), thralls have their 7 day timer start like pets, demon blood have a 2 hour timer, and all orbs can remain as is (they are not OP’d as TNT stockpiled can be). This alone would allow people to ove onto the dead servers, or new players coming over from PVE-C/PVE as well as brand new Exiles to have at least a chance to get a foot hold.


Also get rid of the fact you can put anything in a fridge. Maybe create a thrall room (2x2x1 size) and make it so you have to store the thralls in there if you don’t want to place them. Animals need a smaller pen for storage as well. Maybe both have a feeding spot that lets you prolong them in their “cells”. And Only foods and potions should be allowed in fridges. Everything else in chests and vaults. The game is survival, but can quickly turn into hording.

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And make it so when the timer on explosive jars runs out they explode and set off any explosives stored in the same container with them. :smiling_imp:

(Just so we’re clear, i’m not actually for this idea. I just like the image of the armories in certain clans’ strongholds suddenly exploding for no apparent reason.)


I personally HATE this idea. I have a clan and my server is not really busy. but I play Solo mostly. With that being said it is a pain to farm material for dragon fire to have those resources be on a timer… If they have the time to farm the resources to make as much dragon fire or explosives you are talking about that means they are leaving the resources alone for lower level players. In my opinion there is a balance to that.

Having a thrall room or storage place for the animals sounds good, and bad. think about those clans you speak of that have tons of animals and thralls on their base. You finally get the resources together to take out their base or at least make a dent. Then you turn around and BOOM! their all back and everything has been repaired.

On the other side of this I would love to have a place able room or cell for thralls to be stored in just for the aesthetics of it. or an actual Pen where the animals sit and wait. But then again I can just build it and place like one thrall or pet per pen.

sorry :frowning:


I understand the stock pile mentality. I have done it. But looking back, it was way too easy to wipe new clans. So we stopped and decided to leave our server and be nomads of a sort. And what i have noticed is that most servers that are dead are because of clans having too much of a disadvantage in the resource department. And many a friend have said it is “too late” to start Conan now, because Officials are either too full or the low pop ones have clans that have basically been playing farming simulator. their words, not mine. If this game, nay its current player base, ever wants to truly expand player counts, it must look into keeping clans from having thousands and thousands of bombs, thralls and pets on standby. I do not want officials wiped. I do not want the ability to server hop with my mats. But with decay systems used correctly on some of the more OP mats, then i think their could be room for new players.

My clan (down from 7 players to 2 these days) has been on the same server since May/June and we have pretty much everything available to us, including a reserve of ‘war materials.’ I do not like this idea. I think there’s probably a reasonable middle ground between your idea and how things are now, but I would hate to have our supplies diminished out of fear we would use them to wipe new people.

We help new people with generous donations and care packages, expecting nothing in return except goodwill. We do this because we want our server to be populated and we want upstarts to feel welcome. However, we understand that there may come a day when a 7-10 person clan of hardcore PVPers come and test our mettle.

Having a steady supply of explosives ensures that if a group like that goes hard on us, even with our diminished numbers, our longevity and commitment to the game ‘has our back.’ It’s a great power, great responsibility situation, but I think we should be able to bombard a group of overzealous warmongers if the situation warrants it, without having to go-hard and grind more than we already have.

All that said, I do think there is some merit to this, but all it will really do is change our bomb-hoarding to bomb-ingredient-hoarding and we would have virtually the same result, but with added tedium. I don’t really think it’s worth it, but that’s just my opinion, man.

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You may be a good guy clan, but that is also in the eye of the beholder. What you see as warmongers may be just people who play the game legit, and enjoy some back and forth. But if you continue to “control” who you believe to be safe, then you are still technically part of the officials problem of actually attracting PVE/PVE-C and new Exiles. My clan went nomad because we realized that. Being on a dead server was just farm simulator. We decided to test our merits and techniques across multiple servers. Not to wipe them, not to run them, but to see how we stack up against other alpha’s. So far we have pretty much won every battle, and if none of us had RL jobs and commitments, could probably win every war. But we don’t see the point in that. We try and do one of 2 things. See if we can punch holes in the Alphas fortresses and show the rest of the server they are not un-beatable, or get the Alpha to start using cheats and exploits, so we can try and get pictures and video proof to turn in to Funcom (whether they use it or not) once we have what we believe to be cheats. I run a private server. Based on the last goal (cheats) lets me decide who to invite, and who to keep a list of as cheats or griefers. I want gamers for some fun pvp and sieging. not people who live vicariously thru this game.

I’m a bit confused as to what you mean here. I never said warmongers weren’t playing legit, they’re free to play how they want to play. Our policy is: you don’t mess with us, we don’t mess with you. You exhibit a show of force, we do the same (with significantly more resources). The term “don’t poke the bear” comes to mind.

Anyone with enough bravado to attack an established clan does so with the knowledge that there is nothing stopping that clan from using all of their resources in retaliation, so anyone who ‘pokes holes’ without expecting a ‘worst case scenario’ in return is foolish. I operate on a level of mutual respect, but not mutual disrespect. If you disrespect me, I return it tenfold. Is that wrong? Maybe. But I don’t take kindly to unprovoked attacks, and I don’t expect others to, either.

But I don’t think it’s “in the eye of the beholder,” as you stated. We provide resources to new people, facilitate trades, maintain public map rooms with campfires and fish traps, maintain access elevators for ease-of-travel, and have created a giant arena for PVP practice-battling. I believe this could be described as ‘objectively good.’

We maintain peace with the other large clans and have worked together to form a government of sorts. One clan just facilitated a death-maze, another has a ‘raid base challenge’ coming up, and my clan will be hosting a PVP tournament at the Coliseum soon. There will be some pretty cool prizes.

We don’t “control” who we believe to be safe, although the clans do discuss new people/clans with one another and try our best to keep tabs. Part of me wants to resent your comment about it being a ‘problem’ that PVE/PVE-C and new Exiles are attracted to Official PVP servers but I do understand where you’re coming from. There was a time where my clanmates and I wondered whether we should have set up shop on a Conflict server instead.

However, there are no rules in PVP and life in the Exiled Lands is what you make of it. So it’s completely valid to forego the normal trappings of a PVP server and strive for something better and something more civilized. The appeal of PVP servers to me has always been that conflict is not entirely necessary, and the challenge of PVP is to avoid it through diplomatic and other means. I know not everyone will agree, but the nice thing is, they don’t have to. Nobody is wrong here - except the exploit/cheat crowd.


You talk about other large clans. So everything you are talking about you provide on your server is not in relation to general though of my post. “DEAD Servers” (to me <10 active players all the time) are where an expanded player base would go. If you have more than that, then your server is not dead. And good for you. I play PS4, so maybe one day we may come across your server as we wander the exile officials in search of respectable clans. Right now we search thru the less than 10 active members servers to see why they are desolate. From the sounds of your post, you get the game. But you are unfortunately a very small minority based on our research.
And one day officials will be gone, and privates will be the only food for the hunger of the Conan Exiles fans.

That’s the thing though, the server you describe was our server. A ‘warmongering’ clan joined and wiped pretty much everyone except us… I befriended their leader early on (some gifts, incl. DLC armor with a custom dye-job) and we were spared, more or less. Then that clan got bored and eventually left us to our own devices.

There were a small handful of people (3-4) that stuck around, but for the most part it was just my clan member and I online at any given time. 2 people in a 40 cap server. It was lonely but it was peaceful. We farmed, we built, we explored and learned more about the world. It was really nice. And everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked…

Two of the people among those 3-4 that stuck around went to a different server for a while and then came back with a crew (and two other crews that followed them) and now we’re back to a semi-healthy sized server. In the time between the loneliness and the government being formed, there were 1-2 clans that came in and tried to get a ‘headstart’ by taking things from us. I was very grateful that we were able to respond with too many explosives and deter them from trying again.

Perhaps there is another mechanic that could be employed to allow new players in servers with OG clans to develop quicker or SOMETHING to even the playing field, I dunno. I don’t play that style enough to know the strengths/weaknesses but it would seem to me that it should not be too difficult to hide a base and level up to 60 and stockpile explosives safely without catching too much heat.

The clans that don’t last long are the ones that try to launch an assault too early, before they’ve really amassed enough firepower to handle a war of attrition. That just seems like a lack of common sense to me.

You describe 1 scenario you have been in. I have jumped to 6 or 7 servers. Out of those, only 1 Alpha has shown any sort of respect for the game. The others are ran by clans that will grief people off. You should try going to a new server. build up. Then watch as you have a RL emergency, and when you come back after 1 day, and they off line raided a really secure base. Nothing of worth really in it for them. Just that spending an estimated 300 demon powder just to wipe base. Had been on server literally a week. OR they show up every day wasting 200 explosive arrows and demon barrages combined daily. to not get in. 5 days straight. Again, we were on that server like 4 days, minded our own business as we were grinding mats for stock. 3rd server, we ran into an old enemy, they told alpha, 3 days, alpha wiped us without even knowing us. Again massive resources used to get nothing other than to grief. In the first 2, we made a stand and actually gained 2-3 vaults off of counter raids, then gave away to some newer clans that joined at the same time. But knowing they have been on server 5+ months, means that is maybe a fraction of the stock pile. For us, it isn’t worth it. We feel we got what we wanted out of the server by winning the small battles. But after being thru 4 epic wars on my home server, we just leave. If i ever win the lottery, then maybe i will put in 16 hour days and wipe them, but until then, bills call my pay check and real attention.

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