To all server admins how to you set your material, weapon, armor prices

so i am reworking my servers economy and this is including redoing the prices of items being sold on the server. i was wondering how you all go about setting your prices on any items that you sell. i use pippi so i have access to the proffesion vendor to sell stuff and pippi currency is the primary currency… i have also removed the coin recipie and the master of coin or whatever the AOC vendor that changes currency and set up my own version… but any advice on this would be appreciated

For anyone to really help, they’re going to need to know what mods are added and what map is being used.

Personally whenever I setup vendors, I usually have a few for newbies to use. Cheap items they might need like simple food and bandages and the like. I do not sell things like materials. Materials will lose value over time anyway because they can simply be picked up. You do have to becareful about selling high end stuff (especially with AoC) as players will look for ways to buy what they want rather than doing the content.

Another way of doing it that I have seen some servers do is divorcing Pippi coin from all dropped/crafted coins entirely. Thus allowing the Pippi coin to be handed out in a controlled manner so that inflation doesn’t run away. And then you allow the players with Pippi merchants to kind of set up their own economy. This one requires a pretty active server.

The current server I am playing on doesn’t use AoC currently. So its economy system unfortunately may not work. We use the Savage Wild map which uses Bronze as a primary coin. 4 Bronze is equal to 2 Silver is equal to 1 Gold. These are vanilla coins. And one Pippi Bronze is equal to 1 Bronze Coin. And then when we utilize the coin system for rewards and such we base it off of the fast travel system costing 100 bronze per trip. So most quests will give like 25-50 gold.

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thanks for the input. i run Exiled lands with the lotus expansion mod as well as AOC and EEWA. i know some players just don’t like the grind of materials to build with so i’m trying to figure out a good starting price that when the playerbase grows it will still leave a point to the players to sell their own stuff if i can find a good point of AOC to Pippi i think it would be a good start it will allow me to basically use AOC and Pippi as kinda a 1 to 1 system and i’m just trying to find that good ballance

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