To all the trolls out there



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Sad that people feel a need to be this way.

I cannot blame you for seeking out a more mature group. Before leaving the game completely, perhaps play Solo/Co-op mode once through. It can be as fun or adventurous as the player desires. It is definitely better than allowing a group of immature, bad behaving souls to chase you away from what could be an awesome gaming experience.

You could give it a try, no one will know you are playing solo but you and those you tell. No trolls.


People today are so delicate. I don’t support the behavior but, sticks and stones…


I have 1100 hours on official pvp servers I’ll take getting wiped and starting over rather than dealing with people like this. I enjoy dealing with other people but if people in my clan are getting harrased about their nationality/sexuality to the point they start acting different/depressed I can’t tolerate it. This was by far the worst person I’ve run across and I screenshot chat logs from under 1 hour of playtime and it included all of what was mentioned in this post and to hear they can’t do anything about that or their undermeshing is pathetic


I get that to a point but threatening me irl when they know I’ll be taking vacation near them. Also the block chat feature on this game doesn’t work so you either have to see nothing in global or read everything they say


The under meshing is being fixed. There is a statement about it in the bug subsection.

Unfortunately, no one can stop players from behaving badly. When these players are banned (in games that do so) they change accounts and come back to do more damage.

Have you considered a private PvP server? It is not necessary to start one of your own; you could join one that is already being supported. There are many mature players available in this game, those that like to play hard, but still play “nice.” Joining a server does not mean you are married to it; you can leave if it doesn’t work for you. Some of the private servers were started by people like yourself. People who became fed up with bad behavior and started a server of their own where trolls were not welcome.


Unfortunately, we cannot unsee something. And…one must start to read that something before they can know it is bad.


I’ve tried a few and all just seemed to become randomly wiped one day no warning or nothing didn’t have to many hours in but after the third server like that I just said screw it. I’ve thought about opening up a server I could afford it it’s just it would take forever to get a population and I feel that by actively playing it and let’s just say raiding somebody they might scream admin abuse or something like that


I think a lot of admins have secondary characters to avoid the admin abuse claims. I don’t know how they set it up, but I know it’s common. After all, a lot of people who run their own servers want to sit back and enjoy the game too.


Build a bridge an get over it. Why care if someone over the internet talks smack to ya.


My guess is a Steam family share account.


I wish the interpol were equipped to deal with cybercrimes.

If it was a thing though, the world would be speechless at the amount of abuse happening online.
Then EU will then get involved in the regulation of online games, and cyber security requirements.


All I can tell you is; Go PvE. In PvE, time decays the souls of those who demand attention.

If this happened in PvE then ignore them.

I learned this the hard way… when I fought back, the war lasted for 6 months.
On a different occasion, when I went offline for a week to do something else, the troll was just gone after that.

These sort of people really really do feed off of your attention.

There is something overridingly powerful about the majesty of presence. You simply register someone’s presence. It’s hard not to. Which is why if there is a presence that you can’t ignore, distance yourself.

Those trolls will get bored incredibly fast if there is nobody to witness them.


Again I advise to all who feel bad about other players and their behaviour: go on and start either solo playing or find a private server, where admins control what is happening and block such mean actions.

I also witnessed Halcyon’s battle against “his troll” and it was one of the reasons why I left this server. I do not want to take part pro or contra any side of this battle. I understand both sides some way and did not have any problems with Halcyon’s walls or the other guy’s roads etc. For me and my building there was enough place left, so I did not interfere. But I was totally upset about the conflict itself as it was and decided to find a new server.

So here (and hear!) my advice: do not blame the game itself for such moments. Funcom made clear that the behaviour on the servers would not be prosecuted unless in very extreme cases. If you dislike other players’ actions, get your freedom and peace on a private server. I did so! And it was the best I could do! I have found my fun again and for me it was the best decision: I can again enjoy all of the fun of this game Funcom made by creating this marvellous game! Just try it too!


You could also make your own server(or have a friend do it) and make it so only white listed players can join.


This isn’t just a case of “sticks and stones”. There is an issue with serious hate spech that, certainly if it was said or written in the UK in any other situation, would see the perpetrator in court facing serious criminal charges.

Here’s a message for Funcom. Your “oh dear we can’t possibly police all those servers” isn’t good enough. Your game, your rules, your problem. Make it totally clear what is and is not acceptable, because at the moment it seems you simply don’t care. You don’t even reply when it’s reported to you. If you want to get a reputation as a company that provides a home for racists, sexists, homophobes and other assorted bigots, you are going the right way about it. Your silence makes you complicit in the crime.


Well, now that my troll is gone, all my walls are gone as well.
Considering that guy owned half the server, the map is as clean as a whistle, now that he’s gone.

But you are right in that private or solo is the way to go. I think solo more than private, because you have your save on your own PC, not on someone else’s server.

I’ve come to accept that Funcom is a game publisher, not a cyber security firm or a cyber crime’s division, or a Kindergarden for grown ups. I don’t feel compelled to expect them to police their game.

They’ve come too far to just quit. CE is still an amazing game. I just think it’s a bit irresponsible of them to pit man against itself for profit to such a degree. It’s a bit cynical.

But then some people pay for the opportunity to torture other people far beyond just the game. CE is one of a handful of games that can actually legally allow for such.

It’s a fightclub that only has 1 rule: “Don’t block the entrance.”


It is most certainly a case of sticks and stones. I don’t get this mentality that someone or anyone should be responsible for shielding you from someone else’s speech.

If some one tells you, hey, here’s a public environment. Everyone is invited, and we aren’t going to police it, you can’t get mad at them for your decision to join. Allowing yourself to be affected by a strangers words is your issue to solve, not theirs.


I have it the same way as Tuffman. When I first read a description of CE I learned it were a survival game with nearly no rules and so I did not expect Funcom to watch the servers either. For me their only and most important task is to keep the game running (as server mechanics etc. are concerned), remove bugs, add new content …. And anyone who does not want to have this freedom (being not guarded or watched on public servers) has the possibility to have the game running for solo or on a private server where the admin whould set up his own rules of behaviour.

Since I did not expect anything from Funcom I have never been upset or angry about their "muteness" to topics such as griefing, walls, roads, blocking etc. even when I left a public server due to such problems.

Although I can understand all you complaining about griefers etc - in my eyes you forget about the announcement of Funcom right from the beginning that they will not guard the servers. So you are expecting Funcom to do something they never have promised to do!


They weren’t kidding about surviving in a savage world.
One thing I realized is Funcom doesn’t do hyperbole.

It’s a curious case though.

Surviving in a savage world means surviving the lack of human decency.

In philosophy there is a saying (i read in somewhere in a philosophy book in german, so I can only give a rough translation of it) :

Fundamentally there is nothing right or wrong in this world. Only the mind thinks so.

Everything that comes from our mind is our frontal lobe (the command center) giving scope to our limbic system:

“The limbic system is the portion of the brain that deals with three key functions : emotions, memories and arousal”

The brain basically does anything to try and make your inenr kid (the limbic system) happy, to help it decide what hormone to use. Having no hormone releases at all is a very sad existance, so it needs reason to release dopamine, or reasons to prepare for a fight and release adrenaline.

I call this colloquially as “The Head-Canon”… you know, the inner ability that you have of suspending your disbelief so your limbic brain (your inner child) can have some fun, i.e. pitting a star destroyer against the enterprise D, during the first galactic purge brought in by the cylons… all happening in the beta quadrant of your kid’s bedroom, with all the micromachine toys at your command when you were a kid.

Or believing there is a god, so you don’t stay up at night wondering why you were born just to die.

The universe doesn’t give a flying frakk about your head-canon. Nature designed your head-canon to help your brain regulate it’s internal chemistry levels to help you survive for as long as possible.

Love (reproduction), Anger (self-preservation override for when your energy intake is challenged), Joy (maintenance of energy intake), Grief (Set-back to your energy intake), Frustration (motivational mechanism for energy intake)… these emotions are all chemistry load-outs to ensure you stay on the top of the food-chain.

And I think this is what The Exiled Lands teaches us all.

“Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content.”

Now, if you have someone calling you a Faggöt, what your brain is actually doing is telling you to go into defense mode, because that entity does not agree with you. The Limbic system releases the appropriate hormone commands.

What actually happened is someone projecting sound waves at you to elicit an amusing reaction.

What you make of this is up to your head-canon. This is one application of meditation.
Having a heart-to-heart with your limbic system.


OK cool. Did some research on the quote. It has it’s origins from William Shakespears plays.

What have you, my good friends, deserv’d at the hands of
Fortune, that she sends you to prison hither?

Prison, my lord?

Denmark’s a prison.

Then is the world one.

A goodly one, in which there are many confines, wards, and
dungeons, Denmark being one o’ th’ worst.

We think not so, my lord.

Why then 'tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison.

Hamlet Act 2, scene 2, 239–251

Such parables to the exiled lands. Delicious.