To Devs, Are you still keep blind? 1020 ping keep over a year!

1020 ping problem, over a year !

I am playing this over 3000 hours, I got all the DLC, because I want to support funcom.
but this game now is really unplayable, you search this forum for “1020 ping” how many player telling you PVP server is under cyber-attack. I dont see you have any explain to your supporter ?

everyone using bug, cheating, speed heck or attacking server, you have to ban them forever. you dont need them to killing your game (maybe the best one), you need some normal player, everyone have fun of your game…

now, you having Tencent. time to do serious work!

Believe me, we are your best fans ever, dont let us down.


Do a tracert to the server, it will tell you where the issue is.

the issue is someone doing DDOS on the offical server !!

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