TO DEVS: list of some bugs/insues

  • Player corpose can’t be destroyed and don’t go away (it means im with a body in my base that dont go away by nothing, cant destroy, server restart dont fix and anything) (this is realy annoying)
  • Weapon racks not show weapons
  • Should be a WIP feature but Bessie, Owner of Bessie’s Bow is not blonde like description of bow says
  • NPCs are entering the foundations ignoring physics ( i even lost a cargo NPC in a bridge cause he fallen into foundation and just disapeared into some type of outerspace black hole in cosmus.
  • NPCs when get hit by truncheon go inside floor and fall to space.
  • A bleeding aurea be in your screen when you log in even if you is with full health it remais
  • EDIT CHESTS, WORKTABLES, and other placeables are just disapearing, and server backup not fixing it

It is what i could remember by now, if someone knows any other insue, post here to we can send to devs

Not sure if it is considered a bug; however, a boss-size gater is spawning inside my fort/home. I appreciate all the keys; however, it is not a happy situation for my thralls and I might have to move. :frowning:

You got a gator pit to lure your enemies into. I’d call that an upgrade.

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