To funcom please reduce the number

Can you please reduce the number of sabertooths in the snow biome there are way too many

Have you been to eyelet lake, its like Armageddon over there :rofl:


No, we need MORE.

For real, though, this is one of the most specific suggestions I’ve seen in a long while in any game. Could you please elaborate as to why do their numbers need to be culled? I’m genuinely curious.


The northern forest area is so over-populated by wildlife it completely breaks verisimilitude. Meanwhile, the snowy valley to the southeast (i.e. the one that leads to Dragonmouth) is nearly devoid of life. It’s like all the spawns that should have been shared with the Dragonmouth valley got hogged by the northern one.


Totally agree,

frequently i go there and i think exactly the same,
wonder why its so empty there…

they should pout some giants next to the mouth and mammoth’s / deers around the forest there


If you happen to be just traveling to get to the star metal meteorites, there is a much safer way to get there.
I know how bad it can get especially if you’re ill equipped to deal with those big cats (among other hostile wildlife) while traveling northward through the Eyelet Lake area.

There is a ridge called Skyfall Ridge just to the east of that area (it’s also the ridge where you’ll find the Ymir teacher) and if you follow that ridge, you’ll cut your travel time and hazardous encounters significantly with you’re primary antagonists only being mountain goats with an attitude.
There is a “back door” to get up there that allows you to avoid that whole area around Eyelet lake.
Once you’re on the Frozen Steps, you’ll encounter a few Sabertooth cats, but they can be avoided while you’re looking for those meteorites. In some cases though, you cannot help but be forced to fight one of two of them. But be mindful of the corrupted Sabertooth (it’s got darker fur and glowing eyes) which is one of those nasty mini-bosses.
You can build on the north side of ridges in their shadow to avoid losing your work to meteors when they come in.

I’ve also noticed the lack of wildlife on the Dragonmouth side of Skyfall Ridge and often wondered why. Head-cannon wise, I attribute the lack of wildlife due to the presence of Dragonmouth as a “ward”.

I reduce the number of sabertooths in the snow biome every time I visit. It’s their choice, really, and not mine. I don’t go out of my way to harass them, they come fro me.

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About the main suggestion of this topic…

Its true in certain way… sometimes i lure 5 tigers in like 50 meters there,
little bit exagerated, but i dont agree with reducing it,

but changing a little bit their spawn locations, give more space between them

also Tigers could loot more Feline Skin, they give too little,
Wolfs give skins alot more, makes no sense since tigers are bigger and harder to kill

Its toss up…

On one hand its not solo game, so going up in group makes sense… if there was some form of reward. XD

On other… its abit of end game area… so alot of mobs makes sense…

on other, the lake with Mammoths and Wovles and Elks… and what not is Just WTF.

Personally, I would “LOVE” to build there… or have outpost in a few of those areas… but those spawns man… holy cow.

Few areas could be toned down, few areas that are empty…left empty. few areas on edge of Map? Fill’em up. No one gonna build there, might as well make it a pocket spot of hell. XD

There are so many sabertooths it’s annoying, everywhere i go i have like 4 sabertooths following me

There are a few places of respite in that area, but they’re just not out “in the open” save for even fewer places to build. You just have to look for them.
Granted, I wouldn’t call building in the middle of a bunch of spawning hostile wildlife a whole lot of fun.
I mean if some of those places aren’t already taken up by other players, you can build in those places in relative peace.

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