To much broken stuff

First thing I want to say is this game has huge potential. Great setting, beautiful to look at, lots of interactivity, fun over all. I’m not going to address a specific issue here because what I’m experiencing seems to be happening across a number of areas. Instead I’m simply going to make a general observation and a statement. Heres the deal. Items and placeables in the game vanish or are destroyed way to much. Particularly for a game that is a year into its release. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’m a…let’s say, more mature player. Lol! I’m also a busy professional and family man. This game requires a huge investment of time to acquire items. And like any other resource, time is one that I choose to expend carefully. When I spend it on your game I have certain expectations. When I expend hours of time I expect that my efforts will have the desired result. Period. Before you go live with a change it would seem that perhaps you should test those changes far more thoroughly. My experience this far is that you often release changes to the game well before your ready to. And yet you want me to spend 40 bucks a crack to expand my access to additional content. How am I supposed to justify that when your game constantly wastes hours of my valuable time and effort? The only recourse I really have is to make a statement with my dollars. Because really, let’s face it money is the only language company’s really understand. So, I’m going to give your game, which I’ve been playing alot, another month. If there’s significant improvement, I’ll buy every expansion currently out. If there’s not I’m going to delete your game and move on to something more polished. Not only that, I will encourage everyone in the community I game with to do the same. It would be unfortunate because this game has so much potential. Thank you for your time and attention.

Sounds like a threat.

I am in the same circumstance, family, pigeons, jobs.

But, I’ve supported funcom since age of conan and the guy that almost bankrupt them.

As since this is the only current Conan title I can play on console, I will continue to play, as well as keep up support and moral for others in my gaming community to continue playing this game.

Experience has shown me that once a game is this far past it’s official release and still isn’t polished, it’s never going to be. I still tinker with the game a little and I watch these forums now more out of habit than hope.

I understand your frustration :cry: I also understand there are many different types of players on this game and it must be so hard too please everyone … you mention items been destroyed too fast … is this by decay or? Also items requiring time and lots of resources , have you looked at all the dedicated(rented) servers available… there are many that have custom settings for players like yourself… boosted gather . Longer decay systems . Bases not been destroyable at all. Items not dropping on death ? … personally I play pvp official and only use 40% of the games content but i still buy the dlc and keep myself and tribe amused for hours :wink:

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I’d say I’m presenting more of an ultimatum than a threat. I did start the post by heaping praise on the developers for the many good things about the game. However, I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m a busy guy. I simply dont have the time to invest in a game that constantly forces me to re-gather resources to fix things that shouldn’t have broken in the first place. I’m not stupid. I realize that my purchases are just a drop in the bucket and that I’m just one customer. But I also believe that we tell company’s what we are willing to accept and what’s not ok with our dollars. It’s that simple. Thanks for your replys.

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