To new beginnings!

The Iron Circle is off to a pretty good start, we just got our T1 city built. The guild still has active Black Castle and Sanctum runs going throughout the week, with a smattering of 80 content as well. Always looking to add new and returning players who are into this very casual play thru Conan! The Discord has done wonders as well, info available upon request!

The guild is now called “The Iron Circle” and we are seeing a decent level of success and people wanting to play in this way! For right now the guild is doing Black Castle runs and having fun with that. In the new year we will be tackling The Sanctum of Burning Souls and starting a city from scratch! Come join us if casual style fits your bill!

A friend and myself have recently put together about 10+ people (roughly 15) to begin anew in Age of Conan starting at Tortage and just taking a nice classic stroll through the games wonderful content. The idea was to have people leveling and progressing at roughly the same pace as to always be available for group content. Let no dungeon go undone with a full squad of appropriately leveled homies! Anyways, let me know if this sounds interesting, and you too can join! I can PM Discord details.


Hey I just resubbed after being away for many years. This is exactly what I’m looking for. What’s an in game toon or info I can get to join?

Hey perfect! Yeah I can get you setup, I will message you the discord info!

If you are still on the look out for more people i would be more that happy to start a new character and join the group, i have loved this game since i started back in 09 and love the old group content.

Yooo! Yes we are taking new people as often as we can get them! I will message you the Discord Info, that is where we do most of our planning and coordination for group and guild play.

Yeah anyone here that sees this, it isn’t too late! We have a decent amount of players in the guild that are taking this fairly seriously and are dedicated to the vision of exploring and adventuring together as a group! No rushing to end game or nothing, just a nice stroll with guildies and friends enjoying what comes. So feel free to join up at any time, we have people making alts as well here and there so things are good!


Hey just wondering what server you guys are on? Wanting to get back into the game with a fresh account as I cant remember my mains details

Yo good buddy, we are on Crom! The Guild that has been created for this purpose is called “The Iron Circle”. Yeah if you are down to casually stroll through Age of Conan with some good people and want to group, we can help out! We are roughly levels 20ish to 30ish now for our Guild mains, we are hoping to do level appropriate Black Castle soon!

I will DM you the Discord for the guild, as we do most of our talking and organizing from there. We have had already a few successful nights of guild play and meeting up. #AoC2021


Would love to hook up with you guys…let me know what i have to do

Curious what level you are at now? I would love to join in! I will catch a character up.

Hey! And yess absolutely. The Guild Level just very recently got set to 41, so people are still doing some Black Castle and now looking for Sanctum - it is going well so far. Lots of people able to make and form groups. Working as intended for the most part!

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Strongly considering coming back, thinking of necro to dot and pad weave.

Well hey, “The Iron Circle” is a great guild to come back to if you think you wanna give it a shot! Just lemme know. And anyone else for that matter. I can get anyone here the Discord info if they feel like checking things out.

Just a bump to let people know “The Iron Circle” is still keeping it real in AoC in 2022. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dang! Would really like to get back into Age of Conan, but our group just started another classic game from the scratch.

Hopefully you keep AoC alive so that one day I can bring the whole group into the Age of Conan and show them the wonders of the Hyborian Age!

Good luck out there everyone!

Sorry for seeing this late! But yeah, good luck with your endeavor and thanks for the well wishes!

Just out of curiosity, is this still a thing? how active are you all? I wouldnt mind finding a group of people to eventually push dungeons and raids. I miss this game so much. Raided in a fairly popular guild back in 2010

It is active enough I would say. It started out quite strong, but people come and people go and keeping a regular thing has been hard… presumably just to life. But it still has its moments here and there. People certainly are still playing when they can.