To report or not report? Purge chests stolen

On Monday I triggered a lvl 4 purge just to work on my defensive strategy and update some palisade and archer placements. During the purge, I noticed another player just chilling and watching me do my thing. Upon completion of the purge, this individual ran into the NPC base and looted the chests (not the cages).

He slowly walked away over-encumbered, but I obviously ran after. I caught up to him and remained beside him for 20-30ft. Eventually he stopped and dropped some of the loot to make himself not over-encumbered. It definitely wasn’t all of the loot from the chests, just the somewhat useless gear. I don’t care about the loot, it was a lvl 4 purge, but the behaviour this guy exhibited does bother me.

Him and his clan-mate just built a base in the Mounds of the Dead area that day, and this was my very first interaction with him. Needless to say, I don’t have a good feeling about these players based off of that first interaction. The official server is full of amazing people and everyone is generally very helpful. If anyone ever asks for something, I’m more than happy to give it, including many duplicate Purge crafters!

Now I’m a bit torn, I don’t know if I should report this behaviour, and/or if this behaviour is even punishable. I have a video of the full incident from my viewpoint, it’s pretty cut and dry.

Thanks to anyone who has some feedback, just wanted to see if others found this to be a real d*ck head move that is reportable :slight_smile:


This can happen in Conan and its not reportable, not very nice move from that player yes, luckily the good people on servers outnumber the rogues :slightly_smiling_face: are you on a PVE or PVE-conflict server? If PVE conflict make the purges on PVP time so you can attack the intruder.

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I would say go for it!

The behavior is clearly not in line with the general idea of their community guidelines, even if it doesn’t have a listed “punishment” yet.
But it’s definitely inappropriate behavior, so you could set a precedent seeing as you have clear evidence and all :man_shrugging: I doubt the situation would improve if nobody ever reports these kinds of things.

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Yes purge and surge is best to do outside pvp time when the server is like empty!

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PVP or PVE would be much of the deciding factor, which is it?


This isn’t reportable, just part of the game. This is Conan Exiles, not “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows”.


On a PvP server that’s fine. On a PvE server it’s not.


Ninjalooting has been a nasty thing for decades.

I don’t see this being enforceable unfortunately on passively moderated servers. Actively moderated servers however will be quick and decisive on something like this if they have a culture of this being against their guidelines.

However this is one of those few issues I think could be handled on the developer side of things. Especially with my idea on how to handle purge loot. So forgive the slight thread hijack (I’m giving an abridged version to not steer it too off topic).

The idea was that purge loot is locked behind keys that the champion drops. There isn’t enough keys to open every chest (there would be more chests). But you would use the keys to open the chests of the loot you wish, unopened chests would simply poof with the camp and wouldn’t drop any loot at all.

This would heavily mitigate the ninja looting (though you’d want to loot the champion as soon as you could). So no one could sit on chest spawns and get them before you could. With the added benefit of picking and choosing loot (which was the original reason for the idea).

On PVP, sure.

On PVE, no. Why? Because we can’t get our favorite Cimmerian’s form of justice on PVE. On PVP you can easily split the skulls of any would be thieves. In PVE you can swing all you want, but the thief can simply act like you are not there and walk away with the loot with zero repercussions.


If Funcom wanted the purge loot chests to only be accessible to the clan/player that triggered the purge, that’s how they would have designed it. Are you going to report a player for using the game mechanics as they were designed?

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Let’s not try to speak on behalf of Funcom or try to “ridicule” OP to bully them into not submitting a report should they choose to.

Like… remember there are plenty of things that are perfectly doable within the confines of the games “design” yet… they still dish out bans for it…

Spamming foundations to claim land is one of them, see how that’s just using the building system the way it was “designed”…

Another recent one is abusive use of chat, which literally involves Funcom going after and revoking your actual GAME LICENSE :smiley: and at the end of the day it’s just “using chat”…

My point is… context matters… OP said they have full evidence on this so their report would be a strong case…
Only by submitting it and having Funcom review it would we have an answer as to how Funcom looks at this issue :man_shrugging: but ultimately it’s their decision whether they submit it or not.


Sorry it happened, but welcome to online multiplayer games.

There is nothing in the rules that says this action is wrong or “illegal” so until things change, it is the way it is. Look at it this way: you find a random chest in the Unnamed City. Someone runs up and loots it before you get to it. Is that a reportable offence? Someone ninjad loot before you got there.

Sucks but that’s the way it is. I’d hesitate to take advice from people who say to report this. No need to clog down Zendesk when more important issues like hackers, exploiters and undermeshers still plague servers.

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It doesn’t hurt to try reporting it to Zendesk, but I wouldn’t count on them taking action :slight_smile:

You never mentioned what server type you were playing on(pve, pve-c, pvp), sadly if it is pve then I don’t think there is anything you can do, it is sort of an accepted thing just like having a surge on Siptah and having people stealing your thralls, or grabbing the thrall you just knocked out right in front of you… It sucks, but this is what to expect on official servers, luckily most players aren’t like that :slight_smile:


I think this falls under “give feedback” rather than “report abuse”. It may be that Funcom simply never considered the possibility that non-participants would loot the forward base - or maybe they wanted to give helpful neighbors that are not part of the triggering clan the chance to get some rewards for themselves.

I would be very cautious about using a “Report abuse” feature for something that is, strictly speaking, not against the rules. False reporting is against the rules, so if your grievance is about the rules not covering a case where someone gets to be a jerk and get away with it, that’s what the Feedback forum is for.


@Xevyr, I disagree with you. All the examples you provided would require complex solutions to be implemented in the game. Imagine the potential issues with an algorithm to prevent players from abusing the claim land mechanic. The chat already has a filter to mitigate issues, but creating a chat completely immune to offenses would likely mean restricting communication to pre-written phrases, which would take away players’ freedom to communicate.

The problem in question, pardon the simplicity, boils down to something like: “if (chest belongs to a player/clan) {open} else {don’t open}.” If this wasn’t implemented, it’s because Funcom intended for loot to be stealable during purges. Instead of reporting a player for taking advantage of the feature, my solution would be to suggest that Funcom implement this feature in a different way.

Let me be clear; I don’t condone this behavior, not even in PvP. I support a player community that is collaborative and frown upon actions that can exploit or harm others. So much so that the first rule on my private server is: “Interaction with other players should always be friendly and collaborative. Offensive or harmful interactions will not be tolerated.”

And just to wrap it up, at no point did I attempt to ridicule @Coyote0903 for wanting to report the player. He opened a topic with the title “To report or not report?” So, I felt comfortable sharing my opinion.

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This occurred on my server. Both @Coyote0903 and I share the server and have adventured together and traded numerous times. It’s a PvE server, so nothing can be done as a “punishment,” short of reporting the interaction.

I’ve mentioned before that purge lootables should be clan locked, and if friends help, the clan that initiated the purge can drop items to them. This would also promote the idea to make cage thralls drop into your inventory rather than follow or stand and guard.


Yeah I remember mentioning this in my post about how easy the purges are. In PvE, and likely pvp as well, If they have the keys they can loot the chests/cages no problems, it even considers them part of the purge if they get near it (they will receive all the alerts, like for the final commander).

I had a few people do this to me when I was testing them but ultimately determined the rewards aren’t worth the fuss. The way I see it they chose to design it this way for a reason.

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My clan had the same exact issue a week or so ago. Two other players tried to rob us of our purge loot right at the end of the raid. Fortunately, and quite satisfyingly, the one who rushed the chests was killed by the stragglers still in the camp, and the other guy I beat to the commander’s corpse for the keys. We took the dead players arms and mounted over the entrance of our treasury for all to see.


Thanks everyone for the responses! I’m most likely not going to report, or I would’ve probably done it the night it happened. I just was in a bit of disbelief that someone would do it so blatantly on a friendly PVE server.

I’ve been playing this game since it came out on PS over 5 years ago, and I’ve only ever reported one player/clan. It was half a year ago and only because they were naming things racist and antisemitic names (they got banned). I believe in letting people build wherever and however they like, even on PVE. I’ve come across a lot of selfish people in my years of playing, but normally it has to do with base locations, not stealing meaningless loot.

The loot doesn’t matter at all, I hand out stuff for anyone who asks. I was honestly just shocked to watch it happen right in front of me. Really, I guess I shouldn’t have been. Thanks again everyone!


Have to really wonder if this is a mistake or intended.

Not like you can do anything about it. Report it, leave it or take their loot I suppose.

I think it’s more likely they didn’t even think about it… just like they didn’t think about the stress multiple purges running simultaneously on a server would cause. None of us are surprised by this… not sure why they would be, but who knows?