To Thrall Recall Mod

Once again, first of all thanks to all users, specially the Discord Vips.
I have replaced some time ago the Thrall Patrol Mod for this one, because, again, with the inception of the Source Script Library, I can use one same foundation to code all mods and share some fundamental resources, which made the newer versions of the mod incompatible with the previous ones.
For now, most of the functions in this mod perform the same features the old one did, but now instead of using its own particular code to influence the patrol point system they already have, the function I used to implement the navigation of the boat and the fast travel feature can be used in this mod too to guide and populate the “walk around” feature.
For that reason the list of points now uses maps and complex structures to store the points like the tables that you have to make gear, building pieces and etc.

First of all, you have to get the feat that will unlock at the same time as the other first thrall features unlock, and when that happens you will have at the carpenter bench the option to make some “wooden symbols”.

Those wooden symbols will control the aspects of the mod. The patrol, the follower and the chat mod.

The simplest one is the wooden horn used to make thralls follow you. The first one is a main follower, like the regular game selected follower, and will behave as such. Any additional follower will be a “simple follower”, named so because they will simply follow you when you go places, but will not be subject of controls or AI as followers, and instead will behave as any scouting thrall would. (that might change in future versions though).
It is used on a thrall’s inventory

Then you have the Control Symbol, which is the Patrol Control. It allows you to reach a certain point and tell the thrall how to understand that point. You will have some options I will in a later guide explain in more detail, but the gist of it is as follows:

The point name is an specific name you give to the point to have a reference. It can be anything of letters and numbers. Romanized ones. Some chinese characters, thai characters, wont be as well recognized and might run into problems, that is why they might not be added.
The point options are the checks at the side:

  • The hand means the thrall will stop for the wait time in seconds you put there. And for that time they will stand in the point and behave as any scout thrall would. (again, this will change in the future).
  • The arrow cross means it is a crossing route point, and when a thrall is going to (more on what that means ahead), it will go to the route point (again, ahead) instead of the Waypoint To.
  • The bent arrow means from the point on, instead of going to the sequence it is going, it will go back from where it came from.
  • The wrench and cog relates to the hud you can see in the center up of the screen that will show up when you have a follower, and indicates that follower’s working state, point proximity and “communicability” (again, ahead). For now, it mostly indicates that the Thrall will go that point at night, but depending on other settings it will also mean other things. Dont worry about those while starting to use the mod.

The lists down are as follows:

  • Waypoint From: It sets the point the present point comes from. Like for example, point B is a waypoint FROM point A.
  • Waypoint To: It sets the point the present point goes to. Like for example, point B is a waypoint TO point C.
  • Route Name: It sets the point as the route to another point. Meaning as stated above, if set as a cross, when the thrall is going to the next WP TO, it will instead go to the route. In the example, if B is route to D, the thrall that is going from A to B will go to D, but the thrall that is coming from C to B will go to A.

The yellow buttons work as follows:

  • Cog and Wrench: Commit settings.
  • X: Exits without saving
  • Breaking Button: Clear all the points from that thrall except the one it is in.

The way the thralls go from one point to other is inspired in a MRT system (Mass Rail Transport), which takes you from place to place in a one way single rail that for the particularities of routing can make trains come and go through them.

So imagine it is a train going from A to B and then to D, then when it comes back to B, instead of going back to A it routes to C, and then when coming back to B, instead of going to D, it goes to A, and repeat.

So this conditionals will flow the routes through “lines” that might take some ingenuity to make complex amazing routes, or just go adding points and put them all “Way To, From and Route” to the previous point. Either way it works. The first example might be more flexible and allow for lively population. The second will work just the old one did.

Chat feature is still in a sort of Alpha early access, and work for now as follows:

When you use the item, if you have a main follower, it will speak to that follower, if not, it will “speak to yourself”.
The options are defined by the content books that one admin can put, regarding the four colored buttons. They are simply controlled by admin code in a book. More on the code on the discord, and asking me directly.
The wrench and cog item will direct to any sudden need to communicate from the follower, or inspiration icon from yourself. It might be added by admin and triggered based on where the map you are, or close to specific items that spark “curiosity trigger”.

As seen in the screen, the item when used with a follower will call for its basic dialogue feature which just greets you and states name and role. (that is a placeholder for other functions in later versions).

The home/shield button will trigger information the thrall might have on the place it is, or if you have no follower, the information you know about the place you are.

The blow kiss icon is the “follower callback”, which will call the last follower you had back into following you if it is not. (The icon, I know, dont bother, it is a “internal joke” on comments on discord).

This mod has a big scope and due to day job related circumstances I am not able to dedicate much time into development, so it will go slow until next semester when those other issues are solved.
For now it is being refined in small aspects and I am taking note of ideas and corrections while playing with it.

To know more, join the discord and talk to me directly.

Link is in the description below … the mod pic.
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See you there.


As I have mentioned in other topics and have been talking on discord, the objective of this mod is establish a greater bond with that I dubbed your “main follower”, and as the recall is already a thing, the next version I am currently working on will divide the control of the mod (that was the main reason I changed it a while back), and now there is a fully formed component to create a bond with your main follower. You already can take information and recall your last main follower, while having simple followers (the ones which just follow you).
The latest test version this was further changed in the sense that having the main follower to the mod is only when using one of the Symbols of Power. If you go and just use the menu follower, it wont be your “main follower” but the “regular game follower”.
That change was made so one can still play the game in the exact way having not the mod will allow. So Main follower and simple followers are only through the Symbol of Power that calls to follow, and the game menu follow goes its own way and works with the regular game way.
For that, I have created a new thrall component and a new player component that taps into the player controller and the AI controller as the one did in the previous version, but despite in the present steam version doing the exact same thing, albeit in a different way, they now do completely different task. The player controller component gets information from the player and the AI controller, and rules over the patrols, and senses of the NPC, (like a Thrall’s), and the AI Controller rules over the navigation and behavior of the NPC, according to the rules set up by the Symbols of Power.

The objective is to allow AI controller to do its thing its way, and allow your thrall to be given the freedom to add points alone, and to walk along the rules the way they “feel like”.

On the other hand, the player controller can still monitor the main follower no matter if it is currently following or not, and can set up the rules also no matter if it is following or not.

There is also now the communication of routes, but it is a comprehensive feature that is better to learn on the discord server.

Anyway, I know there is the problem with server functionalities, and it is addressed in the next version as well. However as I said in the discord too, it is not a priority.

Well, that is enough updates for one day.

Link is in the description below … the mod pic.
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See you there.

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So, how do we set up the Thralls to walk around ?
Videoconference of course.

Now seriously.

After working the basis of walking around, the mod will have an admin console to set up some aspects of the thralls and look up their “kernel”.

Of course, they will run on Linux, Slackware. :rofl:

Then with some more work, you might do some RTS stuff on your army. At least that is the idea.

Some time past without updates on the mods because I am working on features on both mods the public pool has showed to be the most popular. While the other mods are then put in a state I dont have to worry about them. For a list of my mods, check my workshop:

The work now is being made to allow for a better population management, as the fact that you can make thralls do stuff inevitably will make them crowd, bump on each other and be on each others’ ways. And as a general thing, we need to work on how they will organize themselves. Awareness then is paramount.

Due to my moving from Thailand the next couple months, the work is being slower than usual, and it will take some time to get the new version done. But it will be before I depart.

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