Today a yeti purge

Was getting today a yeti purge and was getting a asier berserker knocket out and never seen or heard about them on the wiki i not can find any info. And ther was 2 asier veteran but i was not abel to knock them out anyone can share some info about the asier and ther stats


So nobody have any infos about the humans in the yeti purge like how much live they get per vitality or the damage multiplier or wwhy the asier veterans have a gold live bar but not knockabel?

Aesir berserkers I assume? They’re one of the new factions added when 2.3 dropped for console. You can find them in the admin list. They’re Isle of Siptah thralls.

Mm intresting so they are new but why nothing can be found on the wiki. About them they must be existng since a. Will on pc

I have an all Aesir faction thralls base on my SP game.

Oh yea they are awsom i have gunnar the blacksmith from the yeti purge now i only want yeti purges too get them all
I hope they will show up somwher in the exil lands

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