Today's patch, 18.8.26


What’s in today’s patch? :slight_smile:


Wondering the same thing!


2 Monster related items, maybe something new for anniversary?

<a href="text://<a href='itemref://303527/303527/1'>Playfield Item - Spawn Goons</a><img src=rdb://130858></a><BR><a href='itemref://303530/303530/1'>Desert Fangs</a><img src=rdb://257716></a><BR>">180826 New Items 1/1</a>


I like shiny things. And hopefully good surprises.


How did you find this “180826 New Items 1/1” ?


New toyz in town?! xd


got my own tools :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe they patched my ultimate leet army of destruction into the game…oh wait! What did I say? :thinking:


So far all i get is a loop in the patcher, can’t apply it at all using the new engine, and why do i need to restart my computer? i start the client(new engine) i get a popup i click yes, i see scanning files 1/47 then a new popup and same again over and over.


Turn off AOIA, then patch.


Item changes:


A recall beacon \o/