Token board question

Im playing on RK 2019 server.

I currently have 178 tokens on the standard token board.

However I just noticed the Omni-tek Honor board at a kiosk. This board gives more stats for the same amount of tokens.

I’m assuming the 178 tokens I already collected are bound ti the standard board I was wearing when I right clicked them.

Should I start over collecting tokens with the Honor board or just keep going with the standard. While 178 tokens isn’t a lot in the long run, it sure is at these level caps.


I don’t play as omni so i don’t remember the omni boards, but the amount of tokens you have collected is always bound to your character. Not the board you have equipped.

Although on the RK2019 server with the current lvl 45 cap, the 60 token board is highest you can equip for now. The next board which requires 120 tokens to use, also requires title level 3 and that opens at level 50.

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Tokens are assigned to your character, not consumed to upgrade a board, so no need to worry about that. Evidence: have accidentally deleted my board and been able to buy a new one and upgrade it fully.

The Honour board is a subscription bonus. If you are on a paid account then you can wear the honour board and get better stats at a given number of tokens. Edit: not sure how it works on rk2019.

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Thanks for the info! The Honor board is on the vender so im going to buy it and see. I’ll report back in a few hours when I get home.

The RK2019 is a subscription server so I’m hoping it works. T3 honor board has run speed and that’s what I want.

the newer board should be purchasble and your existing credits should count.

the only time you’re tokens get wiped is if you switch factions.

i believe one board is/was the froob board and the better board was for subscribers, which everyone on rk2019 is. so you should be able to get upgrade to it just fine.