Tokyo Color problems

UI is fine and If I go to another area its fine everything looks awesome. Yet when I go into ANY japan area’s for some reason backdrop only turns this High contrast Orange/Green utterly unplayable. UI remains the proper color and anything I happen to pop up is fine its just the actual part your moving through and the mobs…

Asus MOBO I7 processor
1060 Nvidia vid card
128 Ram

I’m baffeled… I’ve tried updating driver, I’m currently reinstalling the whole game see if that makes a difference.

A screenshot would be helpful.

But: Kaidan uses color grading much more heavily than any other area in the game, so it’s quite possible that what you’re seeing is perfectly normal and you’re just not used to it.

E.g. Ginpachi Park has pinkish hues, the Hell area is very burned red/orange, etc.

Meh update fixed it

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