Tokyo High rise(s) building between both laddered buildings

(Devs) Jumped on top of the building in between the two high rises you are able to climb when I launched off the edge. There is this very nice filth covered women heavily breathing on the top of the building. She seems patient, pretty nice just stands their and looks at you???

I had a picture, but my computer decided to reboot later for updates. Just wondering if this is a later item or just a glitch or passive thought? Or maybe a spawn that decided she didn’t want to see the secret world from below. I approach the filth on the other side of the large advertisements as they jump when you walk closer.

Just an observation. Kinda thinking of another set of missions to incorporate a few more achievements to jump on top of the building? Maybe I high value, high hit point target on top…

Just a thought and observation

It’s just flavor. There are several inactive mobs on top of buildings and billboards that you’re not supposed to be able to get to.

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Kinda figured, interesting overlay, but exciting to roam around from time to time. To me its like an Easter egg in the world, exclusionary but possible.