Too far out there idea for pvp raiding

Chunking this out there…maybe a more “sportmanship” way of raiding can be attained.

Step 1. Increase all buildings health by 5 x the amount it is now (all levels T1 thru T3).
Step 2. Create a clan battle flag. 4 per clan.
Step 3. If a clan wants to reduce the Health of an enemies base, they plant their flag in any area that is tied to the enemies base decay timer. It cannot be destroyed. It attaches to that bases timer. It lasts 7 days. It cannot be picked up or demolished either.
How it works:
A counter starts counting down for the flag until it decays. It reduces the HP of the base in “Stages”. Inside of the first 24 hrs it reduces it by 20%-500,000 becomes 400,000. the next 24 hours reduces it to half (500,000 becomes 250,000). The last 5 days it reduces it by 80% to what it is currently…500,000 becomes 100,000. They do not stack. If you try to place 2 flags on same enemy base, it would not allow placement. Can only be placed on claimed land to avoid spamming. Can place at multiple enemy bases if you want to not give away target.

Sounds weird, but in could do 2 things. Make Offline Raiding way more expensive if i didn’t use the flag at all. And also allow for both sides to prepare for those that want to actually melee and pvp.

Thoughts? Too far out there? People enjoy the offline raiding too much?

Think people enjoy the offline raiding as no one to fight back so its easy.

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This seems like nothing more than a griefing tool.

First, it would make this flag system mandatory for any sort of base raid. You couldn’t do it effectively otherwise, if everything has 5x the HP.

Second, back to griefing like I said. Because you can have large clans slapping down flags to threaten various bases. So they stop what they are currently doing and rush to prepare defenses.

Only then the large clan never shows up, because they never intended to attack in the first place. So the smaller ones spent all their gameplay putting up defenses for no reason.

For example, maybe they planned to go farming for crafting thralls this week. Oh wait, this clan is going to attack, so we can’t do that, we have to prepare for them.

In essence, just another way for large clans to be dicks to smaller ones. There would be no sportsmanship to it.

But honestly, there is no such thing as sportsmanship when you have unrestricted PvP.

Might as well propose a system for PVE-C where one clan can declare war on another to make their bases vulnerable for a time. Have the declaration of war cost resources, have a cooldown period and whatnot… :man_shrugging:


Yes, they could. But the fact right now they can just show up and obliterate you offline doesn’t seem more “greify” than using up the 4 flags. Remember, i posted they could not pick them up for the entire time either. So if they wanted to waste them greifing, so be it. And as well, it only works on teh bases land claim area. so if i have 5 bases built about, i could move my stuff…counter to the “greifing” of warning.

On top of that, i would rather be over prepared, than to log in and have 10 people already half way in my base.

And we do have restricted PVP. It is in a 6 hour window on officials.

Sort of what we need to actually enjoy the raiding part. Not opposed to a new server with this setting.

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Me neither. I wasn’t being glib or sarcastic. I would actually be happy with some sort of mechanism to allow this, whether it’s an all-out declaration of war from the clan UI or a flag to plant where you mean to attack or something else, on a PVE-C server.

It would allow for interesting conflict and might also serve as a way of dealing with the griefers.

There are several (non-mutually-exclusive) ways to try to prevent it from being used for griefing and trolling:

  • Make a new server type for that.
  • Restrict hours for it.
  • Give it a very high cost so it isn’t easy to use without extensive farming. Maybe even make the cost scale with the size of your clan.
  • Have a different recipe for each biome and make the cost progressively lower for more dangerous biomes (e.g. the highlands raiding flag should be cheaper than the desert raiding flag).
  • Give it an initial delay before it goes into effect.
  • Give it a cooldown before you can use it again.

I’m not proposing to use all of those. These are just some thoughts I’m throwing out.

Another player on the official server where I play had a different proposal: allow players to craft a flag similar to the Battle Standard, that allows building destruction within its radius. It’s sort of an “opt-in to be raided” flag. Although I would personally prefer giving the choice to the attacker, it’s another valid way to make PVE-C more interesting.

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Yeah, that is why it would be set up as a 7 day, not revertible commitment. The first 2 days are set up to allow your enemy time to prep. The only draw back on that is a clan may do a move out to protect their items. That would be hard to avoid. But that is also why I have the 4 flags per clan. If they tried to move to another location, you could with scouting, mark those. They could always build a new base. Would have to have some sort of logic that doesn’t have the 5 x HP kick in on new structures??? 7 days until it gets the offline protect perk? Don’t know. was spit balling. And appreciate your feed back. sometimes suggestions get replies as if it was set in stone, instead of constructive ways to accomplish the idea. Which in this case is the offline meta for PVP and how to make it more rewarding to raid someone online.


Yes. We’ll see. they added the pvp flag for arenas, That gives me a little faith they might bring the rest of the game into the “declared war” state some day.

Id still love the ability to claim abandoned bases too. the decay system feels like its right at the edge of being useful lol.


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