Too Many Thralls Following Message Error

Game mode: Private | PvP
Problem: Bug

Logged out of game with Thrall attached to follow. This was to solve a movement lock where I could not move left/right. I immediately logged back in, and the thrall (Freya) was wandering around the house, up and down stairs… I was finally able to grab her with the MOVE command and relocated her out of doors , where she stopped roaming. When I tried to get her to follow again, the game gives me the Too Many Following error message. I tried logging out and back in, but didn’t have any luck yet… I suspect a server boot may solve the issue.

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Repro steps:

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So many thrall issues. It’s becoming mind boggling.


I had the same problem two times. Only server reboot had solved the error.


  • Mike -

I have waited almost 24 hours to see if this error would clear and it has not.

I will ask for a server reboot.

Work around is to make sure to tell any thrall to UNFOLLOW prior to logging off.

Found this while testing solution for the same problem; so sorry for a late reply to this issue. If you let your character sit for a bit and go into afk mode (where the camera spins around you) it seems to reset the thralls and will allow you to make them re-follow you without the server reboot.

The issue seems to happen some 80% of the time when using map while having a thrall following you.