Too much Lag, too much Stagger-Stacking=many things lost

So the game lagged out, me near the green wall and yep, when the lag stopped my horse and corpse were 150 past the green wall. No I did not have corpse summoning yet. Lost Predatory Blade, Reach of Red Mother, Lying bastard Sword, full set epic heavy, etc.

I had managed to get Snowhunter as a companion, but she gets pinned against the bugged walls in Mounds of Dead by 5 fighters and is either bugged or had to many stacks of stagger to fight back. Now I know from many years of Exiles gameplay that the walls in Mounds of the Dead can trigger a game bug due to buggy collision boxes, but this seemed like too many stacks of the new “Stagger Feature” had paralyzed my companion and in just a few seconds she was killed. I could not get there in time.

So with the added damage the NPCs do and the lowered companion hitpoints and the new “Stagger Feature” it is all a bit too much. Decide which of those three features you want to omit and do so or re-balance all three so it is not instant death for thralls. Well, under 5 seconds. (I have 10 points in Authority on this character, so you know.)

I noticed before this most recent patch some things were easier to acquire, but this state was returned to normal after the patch. I think you need to do more patching, the game is still buggy, unbalanced so revert this part too.

This is not the only character I play. one of my long-time characters was robbed of it’s entire inventory when your server 1516 crashed while I was playing in Sepermeru. I logged back in and everything was okay, but the server crashed within 2 minutes a second time. This time the server thought I had been killed and put my resurrected character in Sepermeru where I had been for the previous crash. Not possible, you can’t put a respawn pad next to the two blacksmiths in Sepermeru. and my pads were still showing on distant points on the map. So the log said I was killed 11 minutes earlier but could find no corpse. Corpse Summoning could find no corpse after about 14 minutes from being killed. Lost Reach of Red Mother (2) the old one and new version. lost many many original version weapons which are irreplacable now.

I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this crappy game-play with no recourse to correct the bug.

What are you going to do to make up for our missing items and companions?

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It’s not too much. You just learned to rely on Thralls and watching them solo the game while you just stand there and watch from distance.
There are private servers where people have no thralls yet they complete the game and kill all the bosses…

I find funny how people die in game and come crying like the would lost real items for which they “worked hard”… It’s just a game.

Stop whining and get yourself new gear.

I like to believe that the only thing in this game that’s limited is your time, the rest is infinite.

That’s a very good philosophy.

Of course, you need to allocate some of that finite stuff in order to get the infinite stuff, so whichever pixels and bits you lose in the game will convert into lost time if you need to get those bits and pixels back. So if you had some specific goals in mind for playing the game, time lost to recovering infinite stuff still sets you back.

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