Tool kit use in ps4

how do u apply armour reinforcement kits or anything similar?

I did manage to apply a blunting kit to my sword but it still kills, i thought it would help people lose conciousness but it just kills them. what I don’t know is how to remove it.

You can only apply kits to tools and weapons that are fully repaired or brand new. Each tool/weapon can only have one kit applied to it, so you won’t be able to put a different one on your sword.

I suggest using a truncheon with a blunted weapon attachment to knock out thralls.

does that make it easier? i thought the truncheon was a blunt weapon in any case?

All blunted attachments do is increase concussive damage, unsure if it affects normal damage, so it’s perfect for the truncheon, since it’s concussive damage that knocks NPCs out.

ahh, i thought it turned a sword into a concussive weapon or similar.

the blunted fitting works best on low damage weapons like truncheons, love tap, and (it may be a bug) repair hammers and religious tools. putting it on a sword adds a “knockout” effect but generally the health drops faster then the victims consciousness I believe a stone sword with the blunted fitting can knockout t3 and T4 thralls while killing T1 and T2 thralls. (not sure though)

The item needs to be at 100% durability and not already have a kit on it. You apply a kit to it by dragging the two together in your inventory or radial wheel. I am fairly certain you can’t have them equipped when when you try to apply the kit though. There is no way to remove a kit once it has been placed.

Speaking of, does anyone know if the broken oar is any good with a blunt kit?

I tested it myself, and with just 1 Strength, the knockout gauge didn’t drop by 1/8 before the T2 Fighter died.

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