[Tool] NEW decay calculator 12h format | Local timezone!

Conan Decay Calculator

Tired of figuring out the exact day and time someone’s base will decay? Do you dislike 24h format and prefer 12h instead?

This runnable jar file will calculate the exact date and time when a base will decay. It also uses your local timezone, and not the server’s timezone.

How to use:

  1. Find a base in Conan. (Let’s say it will decay in 72:40h)
  2. Execute the program by double-clicking run.bat
  3. Given our decay timer above, you’d type: 72 [ENTER], 40 [ENTER].
  4. The program will tell you (in your local time) when the base will decay in 12h format.
  5. Mark that date on your map as a marker! Wait and profit!

Download it HERE


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