Tool upgrades, and the like. HOW TO USE on Xbox?

Like many things, there is no on screen indicator of HOW TO DO STUFF and we have no manual. So almost every aspect of the game is trial and error. (plus deaths)
So far having fun, but when basic game mechanics are hidden the fun starts decreasing rapidly. Spent most of a day trying to figure out how compost heaps work, squinting at icons, and trying to figure out what they are supposed to be.
Whoever ported the UI to the xbox needs to spend some time on the wheel of pain, they did a bad job of it.

That’s all? You must be having a really good day to be showing such mercy.

I’m on PC but I just took a minute to figure out how to upgrade a weapon with the Xbox controller.
I selected the upgrade with A and then selected the weapon with A. The weapon was then upgraded.

I am aware that dragging and dropping is supposed to be how it works on PC, and sounds like it similarly works with the Xbox controller, on PC. Nothing happens when you do it on the xbox, e.g. I unequip the tool, so it’s in inventory right next to the tool (iron pick) try hitting A on both, in either order, NADA.
There is so little feedback, on screen, and no ability to hover over things that cannot be selected. have to stop and look up stuff online to do crafting, the UI port was not slow or fast, it was half fast.

Ah, gotcha. That sounds annoying.
Hopefully they fix it one day.

Seems like a dearth of Xbone players around willing to share, or knowing.

Today it is giving me an error, YAY information, cannot upgrade damaged tool. Fixed tool, upgraded tool. Woot!

Oh good! I’m glad you finally got it.
What was the procedure for upgrading on Xbox?

Hit A on Tool upgrade, hit A on Tool.
It wasn’t showing an error for the damaged tool, previously, so it appeared to do nothing.
As soon as I got the message, I repaired the tool fully, and it worked, and it’s purple.

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Oh okay. Thanks for letting me know.

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