Tools & durability multiplier, time to fix after all these years? Yes, it's about time

I browsed through this forum and found threads ages old about this subject.

Why are tools not hooked to durability multiplier server setting?

On my private server we try to slow down pace of the building and at the same time make loot relevant.
So the harvesting rate is set to minimum, 0.1, as well as the respawn time is set to maximum (around-ish 3 hours for that tree to respawn once you cut it down).

As the resources are x10 harder to obtain we buffed the durability multiplier to make weapons and armour to last longer.


The tools are not hooked to it since some update long ago.

So once player uses tier 3 tools to mine tier 3 resources (star metal pick to mine star metal for example) combined with our harvest rate multiplier 0.1 … it makes tier 3 tools very very expensive and repair costs ridiculous.

And once you hoover your mouse over durability multiplier - it does say that it affects tools, but it does not.

Please apply a fix, this is urgent, and game breaking in our scenario.


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