Toons, Savegames, Import/Export and Private Servers

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Hello there,

I am playing on XBox and miss some features, that could improve the game experience very much.


  1. The ability for toons - al least in Single Player
  2. Different Savegames - Imports/Exports
  3. The ability to build clans in Single Player (Depends on 1.)

Consequences for the luck of:

  1. Single player is no real alternative for Online Play. If I had toons that share the same map (slot in savegame) I could build a clan there or have at least a village/villages in the same mapspace. Of course in the moment this is not possible, as the clan system needs a direct invitation, but I am sure this could be resolved. But even without a clan I could build my own world with my own settings, so not suffering from any caps…

  2. Private servers (except on own pc) are no solution. There exists no import/export. That means: All my work dies as soon as I stop to rent the server. If import/export was an option, renting a private server would be a true option. So it is not, because the more time I invest in a world, the more I do not want to loose this forever, only because I stop to play for a while. So import/export could be the solution here.

  3. Official servers - My most favorite play. I would like a import/export function here, but it will not work because of space conflicts. So, to keep on my playing style I need 2) and/or 1)

The main problem with 2):
When you rent, you have to rent “forever & continuous”, no chance to take a break for some months without starting all over again. This I will not do. It should work like an abonement, that you can pause for a while. And this needs to support import/export functions.

The main problem with 1):
Only a single char per “map”. Thats boring.
No savegames. That sucks.
Here savegames and support of several chars per savegame would help (perfect would be a singleplayer clan system)

So I would not be dependend on game changing decisons by the manufacturer and could enjoy the game as I want.

The only people who can do this already are PC-Players on Private Servers hosted on a local machine.

Give us console players these option too (A downloadable server app to host a private server on local xbox/playstaion)

Thank you for reading

If you rent a private server you can absolutely import/export files. I have changed host providers for my private server (with almost 20 players) and I took our save game files with us.

If you rent a server and decide to cancel that service and take a brake just download your save data.

Sorry, that is not possible through gportal (xbox). I asked for a common solution. :slight_smile:

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it is simple: my toons could own different houses, so they can visit eaxch other and share ressources. with a single char i have to have different houses spread all over the map. so i have to allways travel each time between the bases. with several toons i simply log out of the game and back in on the other base.
And - most important - i have access to the items from a high Level char with smaller chars. That is more interesting then god mode & simple spawning of items. It would allow a real village

I can imagine a lot of opportunities compared to simple savegames :slight_smile:

Not available on consoles due to MS and Sony security rules. consoles have no access to the .db or anything that may contain user info.

One of the core ideas is, that I am dependant on officials for my preferred playing style, and as it is now, it is no option to change to a private server or singleplayer, when the used gameplay is “broken” by limiting designer decisions (thrall cap für example), The lack of import/export features is compensated, that official server do not cost any Monthly fee for me. This compensates the Decay factor.
But when I could export my game or gportal would offer some Kind of suspension for a year or so, I would rent a private server.

When I had the options described in the suggestion, game decisions would not affect me any longer. The only remaining issue would be, that I had no contact to other , random Players.

Sorry, I missed that you were on Xbox.

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