Toothless? This chap seems confident that is the case

We have reported this Matwoj individual numerous times, via numerous players in this server. Screenshots have been provided of undermesh bases, global chat with him admitting to cheat, glitching, undermeshing and duping as well as video as streams of him using glitches when fighting. An admin even came on and deleted his undermesh base but didn’t ban him and he, Matwoj, and his clanmate, Masha, were back within an hour cheating again.

So, looking at the screenshot, do you think they fear Funcom or see them as a toothless joke?

At this point I’m wondering how long til im banned from the forums for continually complaining; i’ve lost all hope Funcom will actually do anything and it appears Matwoj believes it to be equally unlikely.

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These are just the ones I have to hand, there are several players with as many screenshots; all supplied.


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