Top 5 things that ought to return by popular demand

  1. The Phasefront bikes and boards
  2. $5/month ‘Sloob’ account deal
  3. Outdoor player-owned cities and shops
  4. Legacy PvP ranking system
  5. Fr00b organization creation


edit: changed the order.

edit 2: 6. Vehicle-Ground buffing items. Numerous items which used to buff vehicle ground have been nerfed (in the patch which removed map-navigation and swimming from items). Now it is much more difficult to equip the high-ql Manta vehicles, which I think is a shame (this isn’t widely known, and thus isn’t very popular, but I think these items should return for game integrity).


You can still have a froob to be an org leader, not the creator though.
Legacy PVP system could be fun, at least for a while.
Outdoor cities and stores, why? Are you talking rk19? I dont feel like flying to EFP to buy a nano.

As someone who still has an active SL only account, I would love to see them come back to general availability. Would revitalise a lot of old gear/content that has been superseded. I can understand the concern about lost revenue from people with multiple accounts though.

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  1. connected accounts
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Shadowlands only accounts should DEFINITELY still be available.

Also froobs being able to make organizations, don’t understand why they don’t allow this.


And thinking about it, I’d love outdoor cities back, but only if a more industrial Rubika look, like the factory/outposts in The Reck or PW. Always thought the clean shiny buildings looked out of place against the RK aesthetic.


This has been done because of a GMI bots creating orgs to store more credits, etc , etc … the thing is … you can still have froob be an org prez, only if you know how to do it. So …

If GMI were replaced with GMS and the old system, would it solve the GMI bot problem? not entirely sure what a GMI bot does if they are froob bots, they couldnt access the GMI

Froob org presidents were a thing ever since froobs became a thing, and many led strong orgs. last time I checked* they removed all froob org presidents or forced the orgs to change leadership to a character with expansions

the main argument for player cities is that orgs want to show off how badass they are with their own cities on rubi-ka. We are colonists after all.

*Happened in 18.6 “Froobs will no longer be allowed to become president of an organization.”

Players cities also helped making the game feel alive, entering a zone and finding the alien mother ship flying, all the small fighters and the music pumping up, going to the player shops and looking around on the other terminals in case you find something nice and the tax on sales helped on org rent.
Flying to the cities was a bother on some places, but they could put a grid terminal in the player shops, and when you selected the item you wanted to buy it would make like a fix grid item that would teleport you there?

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Continued development of the game.


A grid terminal inside Newland City.


Yup and a grid terminal at Tir whompahs

In-game clock and Froob Island and Nascence Training Ground updated with Arete Style quests (Nuke Arete from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure).

Great Information was very useful for me.

Removed from the game when phasefront items were taken out.