Top 5 things you would like to see in the 3.0 update!

And to not make the classes mandatory, the specialst roles help open extra loot boxes. This way one could run yhe dungeon, but to get some really special stuff, the ckasses help.

IE, an certain areas contain special artifacts or keys to open end dungeon chest. There is a basic end of dungeon chest like the vaults, but others that need the special item to unlock.

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It in there, crafted at the casting table.


Okay thank you.


Thank you kind sir…

  1. built in VPN for in-game chat and voice
  2. separate the player list from the online names so it doesn’t dox the players
  3. move the health bar back into view (e.g. it falls off screen with larger animals)
  4. redo the minimap api so it doesn’t exploit itself (3rd party)
  5. no additional magic, just more alchemical “blueprints”
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  1. Character archetype skills vs everyone knows everything. IE you got builder skills, warrior skills, scouting skills, raiding skills, defending skills, armorer skills, blacksmith skills, and alchemy skills. These will open up different feats and abilities that tier off eachother. For instance, a intermediate scouting skill could be spot the base which requires a tier 1 camoflauge building skill and a t2 scouting skill which highlights builds some distance from the character. This will make characters more specialized and dependence on other players become critical.

  2. Ways to transverse maps in a linked manner. Specific servers of different maps linked together. IE server 35XX and 80XX are linked and can move between the two maps and maintain links to the structures of each.

  3. Mesh is needed for player and building survival. If you are not on the mesh proper, you take damage. Different than antimesh efforts that detect you are off the mesh to punish. You have to stay on the mesh instead which is more consistent to the design. (IE it’s not the floor is lava but the furniture is life and if you stop being on the furniture, you die. Same effect as floor is lava but how it’s enforced is different. If you decide to be on the handrail (IE an undermesh event within the floor is lava game) , you survive with floor is lava but die if furniture is life).

  4. Building dynamic in that more you build, the longer it takes, the more resources is needed, and the less time it has on the decay timer. This will self regulate against build limits in a fair fashion without actually limiting.

  5. Clan redone. Limit of 5 members. Add the ability to ally (no aggro with eachother but cannot access locked items)


Adding to this:
A market stall once placed creates an icon on the map like an upgraded altar does so people can see on their map where shops are.


I’d love alot of things…most would never happen, Some do to game engine design, and others do to PVE and PVP Communities being unable to co-exist.

– More Caves, Not talking Dungeons, Or even Map Marked ones.
Basic run of mill caves. Wish Northwest and North had a few, Even Mid-map.
Small little things to explore, Don’t need bosses… could just be small tunnel into room full of family of bears or wolves… or empty camp site were undead spring up form ground.

– Rework of Old Caves. Nothing CRAZY… Few of them could use Side Tunnels.
Tale Hanuman’s Grotto. Its Basic Tunnel, but if you pay attention you can swim under water and find other side.
Needs to be more Locations like this…also alot more water caves… or side paths.
Take 2 Spider Dens that Connect, would have been nice to see some small rooms along top((climbing needed)

– Custom Thralls… Granted, on PC now… but even then, I hate how it works… havn’t quite figure it out.
I Get server nightmare issue in loading… even then, “layered clothes” for thralls be awesome so they all match in set outfit. (ALSO, I’ll pay Money for DLC of Derkito Crafters Layer or Yog…

– Custom Thrall. (1) Example… player find a NPC with hood on, laying along walls of endless wastes.
They can rescue them and get them as a Thrall. (they custom thrall looks in anyway) The Thrall would be unique, Allowing better control of level and stats. It would never beat Named Purge or whatever Meta Is.
It could also be revived by collecting rare items and going to altar to bring them back.

– Horse rework. Trash all items and food… whole system.
Let Players Nab a Foal, Feed it set food in a Pen to decide a chance on Str/Agi/Speed etc Horse.(It can be RNG how Stats go, to keep that part of Grind.
Player allowed to pick Color and Sex of Horse. (To remove the really bad part of Grind that Ruins everything and everything)
Saddles get Upgrades. Speed Boost(low def), Damage Boost (easy knock off) Can be anything really. But main thing is you can Add 1 to 3 Upgrades. (Better Saddles = More upgrades
Want Horse with 15 slot and speed…BAM done.
Want a 25 slot Horse…DO IT.

I’ll be honest… I really enjoy Horse in Red Dead Online… >_> It feels like a 2nd Character. And just adds to the fun.

– Stables DLC Fence with Pillers getting Stability so it can hold stuff attached to it. -_-’

– Angle Ceiling piece (all variants) being allow to connect to itself, instead of need something below it. Stable Frame works… but I shouldn’t need that.

– Better Command system for Thralls and pets… (Via Controlers anyway) trying Fight a World Boss and Keep my Gazelle from being murder SUCKS… Hold Square is blasted touchy in combat… specially with Larger Monster.
L1 + D-pad please.

OR… remove Journal hotkey form Dpad. (its right in menu and redundant) Map Hot Key needs stay. =3
But allow former Journal Dpad + ABXY, or ^,X,,o to be Go, Attack, Stay, Come.
Keyboard user got plently of keys… so yay them. XD

– Layered Weapons and Tool… As lovely as designs of some of them are… I like “Normal” I’d love cover up Star metal Pick/Axe with more Nordic design or real world one.

– Buff to light armors below 20 range… No reason to have some of them with 2’s and 8’s. (Over-haul to enemy damage kinda made these numbers pointless.) You can stack Bulk Plating on these armors… and it makes no difference outside maybe shalebacks and Imps hitting you.
Blue Eye’d Croc is still gonna tear you up for 180… instead of 190…

It be nice if values meant more for lower tiers, if heavy Armor lost alot of its cons… why not make Light Armor better. It doesnt need to be “great” but going from 8 to 22 should be more notable.

And… I got maybe another 20… I’ll just stop typing before my Jibberish becomes hard to follow and read.

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You are a genius. I want this too now.

I doubt much of this would be in 3.0, which seems like it might be more of a new map or NPC events type of update. But this is what I want:

  1. Different weapons are affected by different stats. Maybe Accuracy is daggers and bows, agility is short swords and 1H swords, etc. I’d prefer this to a class system.
  2. Roaming NPCs or mini-purges as people have suggested
  3. Separate the modes a bit, e.g. PVP servers have no visible health bars and no-loot server transfer as default.
  4. Ability to put Thralls in the Orb of Nergal
  5. A new temporary building tier for camouflaged bases that decays quickly but you can use to make ambushes or hidey holes. Actually maybe some sort of ambush mechanic players can use.

that would be so nice!

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Also one suggestion Funcom have just not implemented (which I think is appalling), is that of giant trapdoor spiders. I am sure this would be welcomed the World over and greatly enhance playing and the game. It is always important to remind humans that they were originally firm-favourites on the food chain. :smiley:

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  1. Proper PvP balance
  2. Proper Raiding Balance
  3. No more glitchs/exploits
  4. Weapon types being affected by attributes (Agility for daggers/spears, str for 2h weapons etc.)
  5. Remove lances from PvP

For 5, just make lances for horse to horse damage. Or major stamina usage when armed, meaning timing becomes a reality vs just riding around with in armed until younget that 1 shot you need.

  1. Fixed all bugs
  2. Unique religion rework ( as i once writed already spider religion allows u to crawl longer, Yog let u eat raw and gives buff from human flesh food , and so on …)
    found one : Revamp Religion and it's use - #6 by NeoTheMatrix
  3. Magic
  4. Perks leveling by actual style of training ( also somewhere i writed it)
  5. Boats
  6. Player owned shops for player-player trade.
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Best joke ever :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Add: Stygian DLC & more vaulted objects (not just from 2 dlc packs)

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I have no hope whatsoever that any of these will be done, but here’s my list:

  1. Inter-map travel that works and doesn’t force solo players to abandon their stuff on the server of origin.
  2. Decorative-only thralls and pets that have no server-side AI and don’t count towards your follower limit, like Pippi Thespians.
  3. Player-owned shops.
  4. Armor stands.
  5. Upkeep system that mitigates the serial-refresher problem.

I personally believe that this ‘‘Biggest update ever’’ is gona be taking the suceesfull parts of Siptah to Exiled Lands.

1 - Thrall Rescuing (You love it dont look at me like that).
2 - More Ressources / Chests in the camps. (Some mini camps in siptah have like 20 chests, 20!).
3 - Some way to controll the Purge (Maybe sacrifice a thrall, or maybe im being to dark on this one).
4 - Improving the dificulty of the camps. (Camps only really get complicated in the north, actually not even…).
5 - Have more unique bosses droping more unique weapons / armor.

  1. Make Siptah map free to play, give a compensation to people who bought it

  2. Add to Siptah 3 obelisks for fast travel / E S W /

  3. Remove or nerf to the ground horse pvp

  4. Remove auto lock from PvP servers

  5. increase stamina loss from daggers light attack and make them 1 hit for 1 poision

  6. start promoting pvp content creators.

with wishfull thinking, Twitch

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Thanks to u i have 6 wish now not 5… Need to edit now ;c

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2 would have been better than thrall emptes on fighter thralls. Placeable thrall with the emotes would have been a better aesthetic.