Top 5 things you would like to see in the 3.0 update!

2 would have been better than thrall emptes on fighter thralls. Placeable thrall with the emotes would have been a better aesthetic.


Here is my list for 3.0:

  1. New type of creatures like flying (not levitating) and swimming creatures. Also, it will be cool if spiders can climb on vertical surfaces.
  2. Improved AI and command wheel for thralls and pets. For example, in behavior section you can set would your companion will fight for death or he can retreat from battle when his hp too low (you can set amount of hp in behavior section). Also, it would be nice if your thralls can switch between weapon and trucheon in battle (In behavior section you can set preferable tiers and gender of npcs, that your thrall will be knocking down)
  3. Improving and balancing mounted combat, new mounts like camels and elephants. And let thalls and npcs use mounts too!
  4. Improving and balancing archery. Also, I’d like to see slings in game
  5. Breeding system for pets. If you feed 2 pets in one pen there is a little chance of appearing offspring.

That wont happen soon. Guess it wont happen even in 5.0 for Conan. And I would not like it did, because for that to happen, the devs would need to work ONLY ON UPDATING the game to be the exact same for months before they could do something else.
So I guess number 1 is: NOT UPDATE TO UNREAL 5.

I actually second this one. Customization could use a revamp and I would love to stop having to mod it.

I would say PC needs to be freed from console shorthand rails. I want to bind my whole keyboard to things, but I cant because the controls must adapt to lousy tens of keys instead of the hundreds I have at my disposal.
So 3: Get us more binds

Number 4: NEVER, but NEVER under any circumstance do that. This is not an MMORPG, and I dont want to have solo game with MMORPG constraints.

One can only wish. (This one I laughed hard). But my thrall has an odd look that seems to imply I should not laugh at those things.
Desktop Screenshot 2022.05.14 -

This one I second too. Modded ones are awful.

Making things in a game into fruit stuff hasnt a good PR track record though.

I guess this would make my 5.


Why do you assume that would be anything like what MMOs are? IMHO, it’s already like what he’s proposing anyway. Practically speaking there is zero difference between Fighters and Archers for example - other than the text floating above their heads labeling them. Maybe there used to be and maybe there still is in some extreme cases but in general - NPOE!

  • Two T3 Level 10 Stygian Archers with only feroxic longswords lose ~ 60% of their health killing the Red Mother.
    They take less than 2min to kill her.
    Food: Gruel

  • Two T3 Level 10 Stygian Fighters with only ferocix longswords lose ~ 60% of their health killing the Red Mother.
    They take less than 2min to kill her.
    Food: Gruel

  • Three T3 Level 10 Stygian Archers with only voidforged bows and starmetal arrows lose about ~ 60% of their health killing the Red Mother.
    They take less than 3 minutes to kill her.
    Food: Gruel

  • Three T3 Level 10 Stygian Fighters with only voidforged bows and starmetal arrows lose about ~ 60% of their health killing the Red Mother.
    They take less than 3 minutes to kill her.
    Food: Gruel

Where’s the difference? So that’s fighters and archers? Cooks can already use fire bowl cauldrons and are in fact faster than Alchemists level to level. There’s so much interchangeability between thralls and benches now that it would not make a lot of difference to just call them ALL “crafters” and be done with it. Then they could become blade-smiths or whatever through training in some way. I don’t see how such a change would make the game any more or less MMO-like.

It’s kind of similar to the “learning” I mentioned above too. Although I wasn’t thinking of crafters per say. I was mostly thinking of wild NPCs in their camps and out in the fields. As it is they are always the same levels and always use the same move and technique sets - so the variety of battles with them is monotonal and fixed to too large a degree. If they could learn new techniques as the player interacted with them it would make the PvE experience MUCH more interesting! I guess the same could be applied to crafters and their abilities.

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To paraphrase Kong Qiu:

Well, it’s not at all self explanatory to me - which is why I thought it might be fun to talk about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Always someone says “no practical difference” that means “I see no difference so there is no difference”. And they assume that is an argument.
Fighters are fighters, Archers are Archers, that in itself is a difference. Otherwise I could just use your logic and say there is no difference between ANY Character because they all instances of the Conan Character Blueprint. Which is essentially true, but it is a deceptive statement.
The ancient argument that we go that way, “confounding what is a practical difference with what is a functional difference”, then what is the difference between a small low table and a stool ? Specially if they look like one another and people often sit on that table assuming it is a stool ?

It is not because YOU dont see a difference that there are no differences.

Nothing. No difference. Only the label. But that was my evidence. My questions to you were:

Why would training thralls and thrall learning make it more or less like an MMO and,
Why is that a bad thing by your estimation?

See, that is the problem.
You are saying there is no difference besides the main difference.
So there is no use or fun in discussing it with you, because the first thing you saying is wrong.

OK, let’s assume there is a difference and I concede that point. Now why would training thralls and thrall learning make it more or less like an MMO and, why is that a bad thing in your estimation?

Interface with a bearer thrall as follows_
open their inventory, load them with gruel and tools…open their emote, select ‘get r’ done’ and you don’t see them until they have a full load of resources respectful to what tool you sent them out with…no animations , they just poof, are gone for the time it takes to harvest a bearer full of resource.

oh …and either a snake-skin gimp-suit or a Kermit the frog fannee-pack.

1 when checking the world map…start the view totally zoomed in on your location

2 the ability to dye the weapon display items

3 idle animation of making the ‘floating hotdog’ between your fingers.
uh oh hotdog

l4 large fishtank

5 console stability

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work both ways. We cant even use the admin tab for tapping commands lol

that’s a dream, but also won’t happen, afaik microsoft demands that their substandard console was not left behind
same story with witcher 3, it was much more advanced visually until they ported it and it was slideshow on xbox, so instead optimising for console rumour has it M$ demanded PC version be cut down the size and it was, substantially
initial bugfest was in no small part due to rapid reworks CD Project RED had to make

  1. New/Different official servers. (X5), Weekend Only, Noob friendly servers? . Maybe adding what time zone when picking/looking at servers. Also making it search from most to least pop on a server automatically/set as default.(that way you can see the game isn’t dead) Maybe change the whole layout, make servers 50-60 instead of 40.

  2. Fix all the lagg when fighting other players. So optimizations. Fixing any exploits/hacks quicker they take to long.

  3. Nerf of daggers and lances. Make all weapons viable. At one point it was pretty spot on but only problem was you’d get one shot by thralls,sabres,horses.

  4. Make it easier to farm. There is way too much things to farm to get to that end game point for pvp. It’s taxing makes the game a chore. Less fun when being wiped and having to do it all over again.

5.Population growth. Do what ever it takes. Make it free for a month again on PS or all platforms. Especially before the major update.

Population growth ?
I have to comment this one:

You know this is not an MMORPG right ? To most players it does not matter how many past the few hundred at most that play in their server.

In Conan Exiles a server empty does not mean most likely a problem with the game, it means a problem most likely with the people playing in that server.

I myself stopped playing in official servers for that precise reason, and I dont play in most servers I started for that reason alone. I am more than happy with the game, and making the game “more accessible” has nothing to do with server population.

The main problem with server population in CE comes from the fact that most people who play in Official servers do not respect the game, and most people who own servers do admin abuse. And that is something the game is not responsible for, or can help with.

I mean, I will be really pissed off if the game is made into a cut fest of features, or dumbed down to accommodate server dwindling population.

It is enough that many things we want we have to get mods for it because the “server people” will be pissed off if the game offers those.

I don’t think that’s what he’s saying at all though. I dunno where your fear of MMO’s is coming from so your comments seem a little untargeted or unpointed to me.

@zput2bed literally said “Do whatever it takes”.

Well, what does it take? If we examine history in regards to player population the largest increases have always been around the release of content. So if anything he’s asking for more content to be released more often. How does that make it more or less MMO-like? More accessibility is certainly a feeder factor to having more content more regularly affect player numbers - it’s obvious that advertising and other forms of marketing work and work very well. Again however, just because there are 20 on-line while he is playing as opposed to one or two other players, doesn’t add or subtract to the definition of CE as an MMO.

Everything I would want has been covered above.
especially by Zeb :wink:


I would like thralls to level somewhat on there own, maybe not as fast as when following.
But if a guarding thrall, engages in combat it should count for something.

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I only hope for two things:

  1. Siptah’s thrall rescue system being brought to EL
  2. A way to keep baby animals as pets.

I want to kidnap all the tiger cubs and not lose them.


The ability to rename benched thralls, and give them clothes/armor. Okay so it is just for looks, but all my benched thralls are all wearing the same fiber jammies and it looks …odd.

More storage. Different styles of shelves, cupboards, barrels, bags, chests. Pirate chests! Come on!

I wish we had coffins and sarcophagi as placables, as well as the “strewn bones” you see on the floor in some enemy camps. Death has always been a strong element in the Conan universe.

I think thrall perks on level up needs work. I do not understand at all why an archer should get a perk that raises his strength but lowers his accuracy, for example. It should, more or less, be prominent with their “class”.

I would love an enemy compendium, like a beastiary. A feat you find somewhere maybe, then craft it, like it could be a book or some thing. But the point is, in it you find information on all the wildlife, monsters and people you have fought/found. We get detailed information on all the items we find in the game, which is presented to the player rather than the character, so perhaps the compendium could be like that. It could also show you statistics, like how many you have killed, their drops, what you get for farming the bodies, etc.


I would really like to see:

-Cooking, herbalism, alchemy actually have some more value in game
-The thirst/hunger and survival systems reworked to have real impact as a survival game
-The religion to mean more towards character selection and gameplay as well as priests functionality rework. Currently T1 to T3 priests are useless.

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