Top 5 things you would like to see in the 3.0 update!

Build limit. Build limit. Build limit. Build limit. Build limit.


I would prefer most of all

  • bug fixing
  • no more vanishing dead bodies
  • thrall path-finding improvement
  • fixing re-appearing thrall bugs
  • clothing system (a la transmog, there are a few mods who do a great job here already)
  • new building part types (to offer more and new ways what and how we can build)
  • no enforced always online to funcom services (if funcom live services are down I should be still able to connect and use my paid for hosted gportal server)
  • keyboard controls for Playstation version too
  • better update and mod system to make sure game updates will not suddenly prevent you from playing on your own server for days until modders could update/fix things (Thanks to all modders for their great work!)
  • fix the Twitch drop items (even if claimed we cannot use them anymore on new games even though its the same account)

I am not sure if I want to have a variety of brand new functions or systems added with 3.0 while many old ones are still not working properly. The chances this will just increase the carpet full of holes is pretty big with funcom.

  1. Clan diplomacy. Setting another clan as enemy essentially sets all thralls as attack on site, but just for that clan. Neutral would make thralls guard area for that clan, and allied would make thralls never attack for that clan.

  2. Better purge mechanics. The purge initially was suppose to spawn an army at the map edge which would march to its target laying waste to everything in its path. Being able to get that working would be amazing.

  3. Real thrall interaction and living bases. They talked at one time about thralls needing beds to sleep in, having a schedule, opening doors, resting in chairs, eating at tables, socializing with each other. What we got instead is an emote system where now instead of staring dead eyed at a wall they stand dead eyed at a wall while juggling. (There is a mod that is attempting that, the attach command for thralls is slick and may solve a lot of complaints if applied to everything -crafting benches, religious alters, etc.)

  4. Thrall rework to be more in line with the whole theme of seeing your enemies driven before you. Lessen the disparity between thrall types and make them all squishier. You want a thrall to make it to lvl 20 you better be willing to husband them along, heal them, protect them. Bring players back to the forefront as the stories hero. Additionally let multiple thralls be brought with us, an addition of a commander thrall that other fighting thralls can be attached to. Their level and type can determine formations and battle tactics. Let raids be less a thief in the night and more an epic battle played out in front of the walls. Make the thralls the slaves and not the player. Include a gathering box you can assign thralls to and provided they have the right tool in their inventory they will go out and gather resources at a set distance (near, medium, far). Have them physically go into the world and physically gather and come back. Make a PvP tactic denying resources not by building crap over a resource node, but hunting down and killing an enemies thralls, have them run afoul of mobs just like a player would and be devoured in the wilderness. Risk vs. reward, set it to near so fighter thralls can protect them, but get only a handful of rocks and wood, or set it to far where they come across tons of nodes and come back filled to the brim, but at a much greater chance of never returning at all.

  5. The most important without which I doubt much of the above will be possible- an engine upgrade to Unreal 5.

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They’ve been taking so long since the anniversary video, that im in the same page as you:

  1. news
  2. news
  3. news
  4. news
  5. news

More love for stealth building. Current revisions of the game leans to this is not an acceptable strategy in the game…at least it’s implied since healthbars and no fix on foundation sweeping for the 4 years of complaining about it.

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Umm make it free? Advertise it better on Facebook/twitch. Add drops like last year?. Maybe fix all the bugs and exploits before releasing content to keep the average player playing .? There’s a lot they can do. Look at rust and ark they update their game often. And any bugs or exploits known are dealt with quicker not 8 months -1 year later

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Have you noticed that in the past month or a little less that Steam has updated the CE installation at least twice? I didn’t pay attention to the first one but this last one a day or two ago, was about 500MB. Steam doesn’t do that on it’s own without the company initiating a push. And there may have been more than just those two but those two I caught because I had to wait on the installation before I could play. The previous one I assume was this:


But there was another within the past 70 or 80 hours… A hotfix or something, I dunno. Nor do I know what was in the May 12th update. But try it… if you’re on steam and you play semi-regularly, set it to “only update this game when I launch it” and see how often FC is in there making changes. There may also be changes that are strictly server-side which you won’t see this way tho.

These might also help, I dunno:

And of course there are MANY more “updates” (internal builds) they produce than what they push on Steam and other public services:

3.0 to enable the ‘end story’ of Siptah?

??..restore each of the “factions by crafting and installing the seals to their vaults and respective places in the tower. Once all of that is finished, delve each of the factions seals for a fragment of knowledge with which you eventually are able to craft climbing gear to get you to the top of the tower and can leap from with your one time use” per crafting, set of glider wings that you learned from the ornithologists’ ghost ???

Maybe? Seems like Siptah is very built , just has half the story disabled.

I think we’ll see Ashen again.

I know I posted higher in this thread, however…

I would really like smaller grandmaster level benches. The last official server I was on, I found a nice small off the beaten path niche. But in order to accommodate these huge benches I had to expand to an uncomfortable size.

Also I would really like to make being a sniper style archer viable again.
Yes, I know we have all these fancy arrows, they are really good for harvesting starmetal or as yet another weapon tipping the scales in favour of the raider.

But bows are nearly useless as a true ranged weapon.
I miss the days when I could kill other players from nearly out of render distance. :slight_smile:

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Still havnt got end to Exile Lands. XD


One possible solution to this would be to just have only two or three spaces that could fit any of the benches, and then keep each bench and all it’s contents in a “Large Chest” appropriately labeled. Then for each project step open the chest, take all, place the bench, populate it’s contents, preform the action and so on like that. I think this sounds more of a PITA than it actually is. I’ve done so on a PvP server and it was OK - not bad.

Yes, I’ve thought of this as well, I don’t feel we should need to resort to such measures just to play PVP


approximated release date would be enough for me now.

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  1. Thrall rescue from Siptah brought to Exiled Lands;

  2. Unified armor appearance (all male models). For example, Hyperborean Slaver chest is just the big belt whether it’s worn by male or female. Visibility of a female’s breasts depends on nudity settings, if set to “none” the default cloth covers them;

  3. Backstabbing and long range bonus damage. The direction you or the NPCs face should matter. If someone is unaware of you, you should have an advantage. No health bar while crouching;

  4. Better character customization - more sliders (butt, thighs, etc), faces, hairstyles;

  5. Harsher environment - snow-/thunderstorms, quicksands, etc. Also larger distances between food and water sources;

  6. (bonus) Permanent death setting - as soon as you die, “Recreate Character” is triggered. If it’s a server setting, there will have to be a whole new set of official servers, so it’s probably not going to happen. But it could be a character-only setting coming with a small reward (e.g. 1 attribute point);


Definitely bring Thrall rescue from Siptah to the Exiled Lands!!

  1. More admin tools for private server owners. PC has pippi and dungeon master. But what happens if those modders stop keeping up with update? Privates will have to choose to update the base .db and possibly lose functionality or not update and lose out on some performance and possible new features.
  2. #1
  3. #2
  4. #3
  5. All of the above.

I agree on one hand but on the other hand I think it’s somewhat a matter of perspective. I mean like, people shouldn’t need to carry a bucket to the river in order to get water but for millennia we did - and still do when camping or something. One day perhaps water faucets will be obsolete as well but until then we just have to deal with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re comparing a real world necessity, with a contrived game necessity.
As soon as plumbing becomes available buckets are no longer needed to haul from rivers.

We don’t go through a stage where we get tap water, then to progress we need to go back to hailing sloshing buckets.

But in game we do, the improved benches are not too big, it’s only if we want to reduce time or cost that we must either give up our location, which by the way is the only form of security that is still viable to us, or we don’t expand to accommodate massive benches and just settle for more grinding.

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Yeah, likely a miserable metaphor. I guess you understood the point well enough without me needing to think up a more fitting one though, yeah? :wink:

Anyway, it was just a suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue: Probably FC isn’t going to make smaller versions - there’s likely at least as many people who like them or even want them bigger as those who don’t. etc. etc.

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Thrall update- Orb of Nurgal for thralls, music instruments for performers and you can find music for them to play.
Siege items like battering rams, towers, ballista (could be used defensively)
Admin panel- make it more like a DM panel so you can create dungeons/mazes and permanent/temporary encounters. I play on an xbox so if PC has this I wouldn’t know…
Armor/weapons- allow epic items to obtain additional features. Say I want to wear Argosian Phalanx armor but I want the cold weather boost like Redeemer armor. I can collect the resources and bump up the cold protection. dye/skins for weapons, shields, and saddles.