[Top 50 PVE!] Beer Garden-[Public Map Rooms!]-[1.5x All - 75% C]-[No Wipes]

Server IP -
Location - Buffalo, NY (US-East)
Discord - https://discord.gg/zUAZmra

Server Specifications

  • 100% Dedicated - no virtualization - bare metal
  • Tier 1 DataCenter
  • Xeon E3 w/ 4c/8t @ 3.4Ghz
  • SSD
  • 32GB Ram
  • 1Gbit port
  • DDoS Protected

Greetings Exiles, we have just launched the Beer Garden PVE server. Myself and a few friends well into our 30’s and 40’s would love to invite you all to play on our new server. If you’re tired of the full official servers and their constant lag - look no further. As you can see above, we’ve allocated a beast of a server to solely run conan exiles for your enjoyment. It’s absolutely free to play on our server, we simply ask that no one be a d0uchen0zzle, and you don’t block off areas from other players. We do not intend to ever wipe the server, so your buildings will always be protected. I back up the server files daily off site, so even in a major server crash, we’d only have to roll back a day. A little about me - I’m married with five kids, my wife plays the game too. I’m active duty military with over 17 years of service (soon to retire!) - we love playing PVE in conan exiles and would like to open up this opportunity to the public, hopefully making a few new friends along the way! Many of us have known each other over 20 years, and have been playing all sorts of different games with one another - we look forward to meeting you all! Please see the settings associated with our server below!

Server Settings

  • No Wipes
  • Public Map Rooms (We’ve provided one map room per biome for public use)
  • 1.5x Gathering Speed
  • 1.5x Resource Respawns
  • 75% Craft Speed
  • 2x Night Speed
  • All containers are locked (Only your clan can access anything that holds items)
  • No lootable corpses (Only you can loot your corpse)
  • 1x XP (We leave XP at 1x for a few reasons - It’s a PVE server and nothing is going anywhere - Crafting, resource respawns, and gathering are enhanced, so this will naturally lead to faster leveling.)
    [* No Sleepers - (When you log out, your character disappears - this enhances server performance)
  • 1x Decay - (This is where we’re going to start with this. I’ll keep a close eye on abandoned buildings and deal with it as applicable, but I’ll increase it if it becomes a problem.)
  • Prime Time Purges - Our purges only happen from 6pm - 11pm EST daily - (I personally feel it’s important to have a purge on the PVE servers, as this is a survival game.)
  • Purge Settings
  1. More than doubled actions required to trigger purge from 42,000 to 115,000
  2. Purge difficulty level reduced from 4 to 3
  3. Purge warning increased to 30 minutes from 10
  4. Purge duration reduced to 20 minutes from 30
    (I respect the fact that this is a PVE server, and respect the time and effort people put into their structures with the understanding this is a no wipe server. With that said, I’ve slightly watered down the purge to account for these facts - this is open for debate - I don’t want to remove the feature, but as we’re slightly more on the relaxed side, I don’t want this to be a huge burden to players.)

The server has been doing very well - our players have been creating some very interesting structure :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve moved from server #14,000 to sub-#500 in less than 3 days! Come join our server and find out why it’s so awesome!

We’re starting to gain quite the community! I’m really surprised with how well we’ve grown!

We’re nearly top 400 in just a few days :stuck_out_tongue: We have public map rooms available for your use!

We’re officially top 400! Moving up quick! We’re topping 20 players nightly and the dedicated server runs silky smooth! Come join us!

We’re going to have a huge weekend, the server has really been thriving!

Lookin good! Top 300 overall now!

We’re expecting a huge night tonight - we’ve already been hitting 20 on weekdays - come be part of the fun!

Still kicking ■■■! Don’t miss out!

Still doing well - if your server died after the surge - this is where you want to be!

Looking forward to another great weekend - we have a public map room at every obelisk!!! Also have some amazing player structures!

Awesome weekend for the server!

Great sunday night ahead of us!

I joined the discord to learn more about the server. I am excited and hopeful to get in. This looks like its exactly what I am hoping for. I used to run something like this for Ark as well, but that game got boring and has bad juju associated with it now lol. Main point is, I am looking for a server meant for adults with lives, and less aimed toward trolls.

#1 conan PVE server!

We’ve had quite the community lately - If you want to be part of something special - give us a look!

New IP -

Dude I have 5 kids and I’m active military - it has to be about that for me.

I saw that, and it makes me really sad that the server is PC only… I ended up renting a PS4 Server with the same goal in mind.