Top fix priority should be fixing the online server player# and ping set up

No joke Funcom, takes me up to 20 minutes sometimes to be able to login to my G Portal server for CE on PS4. And it has nothing to do with G Portal’s set up, it is your program. Fix how it gets ping data (because it is never right), fix the UI so I can manually refresh, and fix it soon.

Bad part is, I am going to be canceling my server most likely. This is an issue of paying additional per month cost with the game, and having a sub optimal experience that should be a top fix priority, and not hearing a word about when it will be resolved. I feel real bad, because for their price, and quality of service, G Portal has been very satisfactory.

(No, my server 200 miles away is not at 500+ ping, it is at as low as 30 to maybe 120 at worst. I know because I wrote a script to monitor it for the last two weeks and collect the data. Waiting over ten minutes for whatever tool you are using, if it does at all, to see that along with available player space is awful.)

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