Top Tier Thralls for every Capital

Hi guys.

I was wondering: is it worth it to build a base anywhere but near Sepermeru or the Volcano ?
The answer is, of course, no: if you want a top tier thrall (with 7000+ HPs - not to talk about purge thralls with 9900 HPs) you must go there,

The point is: is that fair ?
I mean, I know cities and camps are thought to be increasingly harder so that one can have a proper challenge whatever their level is, but why not having a couple of capturable NPCs for each capital with 825 base HP (which becomes 7425 once captured) ?

They could be Ladagara and Clan Leaders in New Asagarth, Berserkers for the Mounds of Dead, Brutes for Darfari, Black Corsairs for Black Hand and so on …

Also, its quite annoying to have some thralls that cannot be knocked out, and this would solve that problem too.

Running into a top-tier named fighter in a place designed for low-to-mid-level players could be needlessly brutal.

I think it may be a good idea to wait and see what the “thrall leveling system” brings, and if it solves this apparent problem. Maybe, with some time, effort and extra resources, we can have any thrall we capture become a top-tier one.

It would please me greatly if I could train Kruth One-blow into someone whose name doesn’t refer to how easy he is to kill…

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The harder the environment, the better the thralls. Simple as that.

Nope. Some are unabled. You cannot knock out Conan for example. Although this thralls should have an own border, so you dont waste time trying to knock them out.

Purge fighters got a buff to damage and hp???

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