Topaz of divine benediction


LF someone who can craft that gem)


When u find one, let me know <3

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Why not organize a run to get it? I have only two recipes from that area.


because u need to waste a lot of time ?


Playing the game on its full potential and having a good time with friends in the process is not a waste of time.
This game is huge. There is a lot more than rf and chaos…


Actually this game has very low amount of dungeons and raids, most veterans have done all of them thousands of times more or less, not to mention only 2 “decent” mini maps in 11 years…


I strongly disagree. There are a lot of dungeons with beautiful mechanics. There are 6 tiers of raids, most of them not doable in a day so they keep us occupied all week. There is building, gathering, crafting, trading. one can play 24/7 and always having something to do. The game is kept alive for 11 years and is still very good.
On the other hand pvp has not evolved over the years but I think it is a matter of marketing since most people play pve.
Also consider that for us it is a game but for funcom is business and they offer more to the biggest market.
I can understand veterans being bored, but I do not expect the game to live for ever.


Every tier of raid can be completed within two hours, and ONLY 6 tiers of raids in 11 years,
Crafting is completely useless and it is extremely boring in this game, there are several items that are worth crafting, but anything else is just waste of time and has no purpose in game since the system and items have not been updated since beta.

and gathering… yes you get interrupted several times on same node by some annoying spawn npc, and nodes reset to 0% whenever someone enters the zone, great


Every rais tier can be done in less than 2hours, most much faster than this.


Not only experts or veterans play the game. End game guilds can do all tiers in one afternoon but there are other players playing too.
Try doing w2 last boss with inexperienced people or entity or T5 vistrix and so on…


why would I do W2(omg) or T5 with inexpreienced people to waste my time?)) that`s not called content :smiley:


Send a message to Mealltacht on Crom. He can craft it for you guys if you give him money or materials.


The fact that people can’t do t2 in full t4 gears + aa’s (that did not even exist when t2 was somewhat challenging) is just embarrassing

If anything it just shows that current people are lazy and expect to be fed with golden spoon without learning the content, classes etc themselves. not even taking the time to read or watch guides veterans have made for them . Nothing but laziness and greediness


Part of the problem falls on guild leadership. It’s the responsibility of a guild’s leadership to train their members on proper tactics, feating, rotations, gearing etc. Unfortunately only the top guilds do a good job of this, hence why they can clear top content, while these other guilds are still running T1-T4 raids and struggling even to complete these 7-11 year old raids that have been nerfed, even while overgearing the content.