Torch alternatives

have you ever felt like torches hold a monopoly on lighting in this game? i’d like to see more alternatives to the classic carrying torches…
idea 1)- i’d like to see a equitable crystal that can be applied to any armor/weapon… make it equip the way a armor/durability upgrade does and provide light while freeing your hands to use for whatever. the “upgrade” would of course have a lifespan to make it not be to superior to the default torches

idea 2)- following the same style of the last one we could add the ability to equip the glowing crystals onto existing building block… this would be hard to implement but would add much to structures that don’t fit the classic torch aesthetic.

if anyone has any other interesting ideas feel free to discuss and present them… thanks!

Someone suggested before about stuff to apply to armor to make it glow. It becomes unbalanced because it’s always glowing. There is no time limitation the way a torch has.

Crystals might be nice, but they’d have to have the same limited timespan as a torch. Or else have stiffer requirements to get them, so they could last longer than a torch.

At least for buildings. For the armor, it’d probably work the same way. Make a new slot to equip a lantern or crystal into for a light you can carry. With the same time limitation.

Ideas for alternative ilumination sources are always welcome of course. :smile:

The more variety the better as long as the new won’t surpass the old. Usually this notion is preferable, surely (in our level of existence we call “real life”) to an extent, but when it comes to games this notion is not always a good idea. Coding learning steps (tutorials or level-up progression) works to a degree, but when it comes to cosmetic value, efficiency is its kryptonite and shouldn’t be allowed too near.

If an item has uses beyond cosmetics, that’s fine. The more perspective we gain here, the better the item pool becomes and none of it becomes truly obsolete.

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