Torchbearer and torch unlocks

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [ Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Oceanic]

Torchbearer feat unlocks at level 7, this unlocks torch, standing torch, protected torch and wall torch. The torch, wall torch and standing torch were always crafted in inventory.

We started a new game in the exiled lands yesterday and after unlocking the torchbearer feat I went to make some standing torches for my hut only to find ALL of them are listed to be made at the artisans bench which does not unlock till level 14.

I’m not sure if this change is intentional or not, we do run mods but I doubt very much they would change the items from being inventory made to being made in the artisan bench. Could this be checked please because with the way it is now the only way of lighting up your home is with candles (which don’t give much light) looted off dead bodies (if you can find them)


It’s been this way for years at least release official

The levels they unlock at maybe but not the standing and wall torch being made in the artisan bench. Previously only the protected torch was made in the artisan bench, we’ve always made standing torches from inventory on the fly.


Just went into singleplayer with no mods, seems you are right the torches are at level 7 but can’t be made until level 14 because you need the artisan’s bench >.> My memory isn’t great but I do believe the standing torch was originally handcrafted o.o

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It was. We’ve restarted maps heaps of times since we started playing 2 years ago and never had an issue. I suspect it’s been mixed up during the bench changes

Thank you for checking @ShinsaiX


It has been this way for a few updates, all of a sudden it changed. I would report it as a bug if I was you.

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Hey @Ishinaia

Thanks for the heads-up. Sent it to the team so they can give it a look.


Thanks very much @Ignasi

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