Torches On After Combat


First post. Loving the game! On PS4.

Completed on Very Hard. Now playing on Very Hard Ironman.

Spotted a few issues which I’ll try and post about later with screenshots and a video, where possible.

One issue for me is the fact that after combat the two other PCs seemingly always have their torches on after a combat encounter. So I win the fight, the “Level Up!” text comes up, I hide my controlled PC and then it switches to the next and then the other. Both seem always to have their torches on despite not having them on before combat. I am usually always pressing triangle to hide all 3 in quick succession but it seems a little odd that I should have to.

90% of my experience has been very enjoyable and I rate this game highly.

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Same happened to me on PC - also on very hard, torches mostly on after combat, though switched off before. (Not sure if always.)

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I don’t think it caused me any issues but you need to get into the habit of using “Hide” really quickly which I do think might lead to other issue like stuck animation and getting stuck on scenery.