Tortage smuggler for Cimerians?

Where is the Cimerian smuggler in Tortage? Can’t find him anywhere.

Pretty sure there’s only the 1 outbound smuggler in Tortage and he’s in the cluster of buildings beside the Ship tavern in that shopping plaza that’s there (where Valeria and the Scribe guy are). You go up that ramp (where the drug addict is) at the back and turn to the right. He’s in the building across from the old woman you get sent to when collecting debts (you can take her dress to pay the debt).

Go into the building and you’ll find him.

If you’re new in Tortage and just want to leave, go down towards the boat to White Sands Island and on the back side of the buildings across from the red rez pad you’ll find the poster that grants the leave Tortage early quest and that’ll lead you right to him.

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