ToS Improvements // Suggestions (PVP)


A faster tic on Stormfield and Nebu
Slashing bludgeoning and Piercing mitigation on PVP armor // like +25 to +100 through tier 1-3
–that could be for all pvp armor
Better mitigation for Fangs of Set
Lower the recast on the Bubble to be inline with Conq’s
Vital Jolt - > make it either hit bigger or add a lingering effect for a damage boost to team
ToS shielding refresh rate should be just a few tic highers to combat some of the rogue classes unbalanced nature

There is other things but I can’t think of them yet.
PVP ToS needs some love. This Era of melee has gone on far to long without any real balancing.



Tos is literary one of the most op classes in pvp, git gud son


I can’t remember when the ToS has gotten any love in the past 5 years :expressionless:


ha ha ha so clueless about class balance its not even worth to comment.


No need to be biased my dear :wink: