TOTRSGames 5X all The Age of Calamitous

If you want to RP that is up to you other then that not a RP server. (Game Port) (Query Port)

Rates are at 5 Exp/ 5 Harv./

Is a 30 pop server as of now, but will add to it as more players come.

Max lev is 250

When stats hit 50 admin will boost 1 point so you can reach 100

Relaxed server for people that want to play and have the option for PVP

You can run around with 10 Thralls at one time, 75 thralls per player even in tribe, 3 player tribe can have up to 75 thralls. place them right next to each other.
You earn your points/gold silver and copper no Real money for points.

Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
Better Thralls
Pippi - User & Server Management -
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Tier 4 Thralls - Medium Increased Spawn
Glowing Eyes & More
Immersive NPC Loot System
Level 250 Mod
Swift Elevator
The Age of Calamitous
AdE: x5000 Item Stack + Container Size Optimization
Improved Quality of Life
LitMan Thrall Placing Distance
Glass Constructions and more…

Hope you are having fun playing.