Tower mission Climbing Zagan doesn't advance

Climbing Zagan mission was paused awhile back and when I just took it, it says return to the elevator, but nothing happens. It does not update or let me click on the buttons in the elevator.

I’ve submitted a petition but figured since it’s been ongoing, it needs a bug report.

make sure you go to the correct elevator, each of the 8 companies has it’s own if you pause you have to go to zagan’s, i was super confused after unpausing yesterday

Sometimes just logging that character out inside the elevator with the mission active and coming back can make the floor buttons magically start working.

The tower floors really seem to hate getting paused, especially by each other. If you pick up a new one in the lobby and pause another as a consequence, the elevators can be really prissy.

So, that was the fix.

Obviously, I’ve logged in and out lots over the last few months, so it was a specific order things needed to be done. I had to pick up the mission, so it was active, log out, log back in and then it works.

Thanks to those here helping and to the GM who responded.

Wish I knew how to do the asked and answered thingy. :slight_smile: