Toxic behavior on PS4 Latin America 4501 oficial sever

Hi, I have been trying to play Conan exiles for a while now, but there are no official PvE servers. Conflict in latin america, forcing me to go to PvP servers, no problem, but one thing has been consistent on all servers, due to the limited number of 40 people online, certain clans and players are investing against new players in the sever simply to expel from the server and thus make an official server their playground private, I understand the competitiveness and even a certain aggressiveness in PvP.

This is really taking very complicated proportions because the server is public, it is an official server so no player can claim that the server is his and prevent other players from playing on the server just for the simple fact that an online player occupies one of the 40 vacancies on the server.
I’ve been catching some toxic guys in the game because I know it’s part of PvP, but this particular argument has made me sick, after all who owns the 4501 official server for PS4, Funcom or player Walter_War and his clan?
PvP ok, abusive and toxic behavior not ok. count with the good nature of mankind just naive.

Considering what you’re describing does sound a lot like griefing, and a bunch of people with serious ego problems, I’ll link this here, it’s the guidelines and appropriate measures to report potential griefing and possible breaches of terms of service.

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