Toxic player keeps giving problems on PvE server

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [toxic player | Performance | Misc]
Region: [LATAM - Official server #4517 PvE]

[ Player Bloody_RedSpider of clan OLD-VIKINGS is causing problems once again on server # 4517, placing buildings in respaw locations. Bloody_RedSpider usually puts constructions as aggressive and offensive subliminal messages to the rest of the players. It was not long ago that this player was reported on the forums by other players of the game Conan Exiles on the PS4 platform. I want to leave my indignation here, I am considering leaving the game because of this toxic player. The server is not PvP, I want to play in peace, where I don’t have to worry about someone who closes paths; appropriates respaws; makes insinuations as petulant as other players who as I said, was reported a while ago; surrounds other players’ bases with buildings preventing the land clan from growing. A player who in the past had already mentioned to all players that “the server is his and that if it were not his, it wouldn’t belong to anyone else”, I believe that those who say these things are not able to play on public servers.
Please, here is my call for something to be done with this player, as it is very difficult to live with someone like that, where you just want to harm others.
I am disgusted. This player contaminates too much the server and the beginners who are without knowledge of the game for now.

Bloody_RedSpider surrounded 3 buildings from different clans + building inside the sulfur respaw + clearly offensive monument next to the Obelisk (6H) , in this path that I will indicate below by the quadrant and photos.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. surrounded 3 buildings from different clans 6B 7A 7B 8B
    2.building inside the sulfur respaw 8C
    3.offensive monument 6G/H

PS: The forum did not allow me to post the prints because I am a new member. If I can send them elsewhere, let me know. I hope you can still help us, as this situation is too tiring.

Thank you.


Hey man. That totally sucks. However, the procedure for reporting players (which you must follow if you want anything to be done) is found at the following link:


It does suck as I am still waiting for a similar toxic player to be dealt with on the official pve server I play on. I submitted a complaint via Funcom’s code of conduct and nothing has been done. I have submitted pictures, area of said complaint on the map, clan and players names etc. Only to be still waiting. My answer so far, is it has been forwarded to the team. I get that Funcom and family cannot act on all complaints but when all the information has been given via their rules or code of conduct they still do not act on it. If they have these rules then they should have to enforce them, otherwise delete the rules, that way we all know we can spam build and land claim. It is very frustrating that our voices as players are not heard or fall on deaf ears. I have sent in another message for an update on the situation and they just do not answer to which is not the way to deal with things.

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please read the following Rules.

also be aware of

If you don´t know how to write a DM follow the Guide below

On the first Picture cklick on Ignasis Name

Second Picture click on “Message”

On the Third Picture
by 1 fill out with a subject
by 2 fill out with your Massage
by 3 cklick to send the Massage

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